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GMA7 is firing on all cylinders to prove that it can do “epic TV series” right with their live-action remake of a classic 1970s super robot anime. From its first teaser in New Year 2020, “Voltes V Legacy” has fired the imagination of old fans and new. The second trailer in January 2021 proved that nothing was wasted in the production stalling that COVID-19 caused, with the very impressive visuals. But seeing Voltes cut up a Boazanian Beast Fighter in glorious CGI can only go so far. The actual flesh-and-blood cast must be more than acceptable too. And judging from the first reveal, they are.

Inquirer.net has it that the Kapuso network has publicized the first batch of casting for “Voltes V Legacy.” The reveal was given in February 8 on their official Facebook page, with GMA7 pledging to a new bit of casting news every day since. Three characters were confirmed in the initial peek, all of which also happen to be veterans in one Kapuso show or other. First is Radson Flores, former “StarStruck” contestant, as Mark Gordon. Next is Matt Lozano, contestant on “Eat Bulaga” competition “Spogify,” as Robert “Big Bert” Armstrong. Finally, Kapuso child actor Raphael Landicho is “Little” Jon Armstrong.

As a refresher for those who grew up with “Voltes V” the anime, and for the new generations jumping on the bandwagon, here is a rundown on the three characters with the actors confirmed above. Mark Gordon is a cowboy skilled with a whip who pilots the Volt Bomber, which forms Voltes’ shoulders and arms. Big Bert is a martial arts master who pilots the tank-like Volt Panzer, which forms the chest. Little Jon is a diver and young inventor who pilots the Volt Frigate, forming the legs of Voltes. Two more members of the Voltes team still have unrevealed actors, as are four characters from the antagonist Boazanian aliens.

Further reveals of the “Voltes V Legacy” cast are expected as this week goes on. The series, produced under oversight of Toei Animation, will premiere on GMA7 sometime this 2021.

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