Wednesday, February 10, 2021

GMA7 Completes "VOLTES V LEGACY" Team Roster with MIGUEL "Steve" TANFELIX and YSABEL "Jamie" ORTEGA


Considering that a whole year of pandemic put plans for its production on hold, it is no surprise that GMA7 is now marching at double-time to promote their live-action remake of classic mecha anime “Voltes V.”  While the 2020 hiatus gave plenty of time to spruce up the special effects for TV, it is the cast that will carry the show. The Kapuso network’s auditions for the five-man Voltes team and their Boazanian adversaries have been skillfully kept hush-hush last year. Only this week have they begun to name names. Following the reveals on Monday for three “Voltes V Legacy” pilots, the remaining two did not have long to wait. reports that just like with the first three, the last two pilots of the titular super robot for “Voltes V Legacy” were revealed by GMA Network on their official social media this past Wednesday, February 10. Former Kapuso child star and now young-adult hottie Miguel Tanfelix has been cast as team leader Steve Armstrong, pilot of the Volt Cruiser which forms Voltes’ head, while Ysabel Ortega will be portraying ninja girl Jamie Robinson, who pilots the Volt Lander which combines into the robot’s feet.

The GMA Facebook post shows Tanfelix and Ortega in CGI’d Voltes team pilot suits, similar in presentation to Radson Flores as Mark Gordon, Matt Lozano as Big Bert Armstrong, and Raphael Landicho as Little Jon Armstrong from the Monday casting reveal. Ortega actually gets an exclusive online GMA7 video clip chronicling her journey to becoming Jamie, from her callback and casting confirmation, as well as footage from her audition. In one scene she is green-screen acting in the “cockpit” of the Volt Lander; in the other, she is in a choreographed fight scene where she solidly embodies the action-star legacy of her father Lito Lapid.

“Voltes V Legacy” reimagines the original 1970s anime by Toei Animation for a new generation. The earth is attacked by the Boazanian Empire, a race of horned humanoid aliens who consider hornless beings only worthy of conquest and slavery. The planet’s only hope is the five-part combining electromagnetic super robot Voltes V, invented by a scientist who has since vanished. Now that scientist’s three sons must join two other trainees to pilot Voltes against the Boazanian’s army of Beast Fighters, while uncovering the mystery of their father’s disappearance and possible ties to their merciless enemy.

The series is directed by Mark A. Reyes, with post-production and visual effects being done by Riot, Inc. Toei also has supervision over the production. Now that the Voltes team is introduced, the next casting reveal will most likely be the Boazanian invasion force commanders, of which there are four.

Image from Philippine Entertainment Portal


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