Tuesday, February 23, 2021

French Music Duo DAFT PUNK BREAKS UP After Three Decades


If you can somehow remember the 1997 song with great beats and the repetitive lyric of “Around the World,” and if you liked how it sounded, then you must be grateful for how French musicians Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter decided to form a music duo in 1993. Fans know them better as Daft Punk, as equally renowned for their awesome house and electronica music as they were for their extreme privacy, adopting their robotic performing personas to avoid being photographed. Just hearing the name could elicit memories of lines like “One more time” or “Up all night to get lucky.” Unfortunately, that partnership has come to an end.

Variety tells us that French music duo Daft Punk has officially announced their disbanding as of Monday, February 22. They did it via an uploaded video titled “Epilogue,” running eight minutes long and featuring scenes from their written and directed 2006 movie “Electroma.” It consists of the duo, in their trademark robot masks and leather jackets, walking across a desert. One of them opens his jacket to reveal a detonator on his back. The other presses the detonator before the two bid each other goodbye. The guy with the detonator then walks away and explodes.

To drive the point home, the video has a title card reading 1993-2021. But in case anyone missed it, longtime Daft Punk publicist Kathryn Frazier issued a statement late Monday confirming that the duo has gone their separate ways. She however declined to explain why they did so. There is speculation that Homem-Christo and Bangalter will continue on in the French music scene even if as individuals, considering their common private natures give them anonymity.

While formidable enough on their own with their hit dance albums, Daft Punk also scored some epic collaborative efforts. In 2003 they worked with manga and anime creator Leiji Matsumoto via Toei Animation, to give their “Discovery” album a storyline via the anime film “Interstella 5555.” They then provided the soundtrack for Disney’s 2011 film “Tron: Legacy.” Finally in 2013 their album “Random Access Memories” includes the song “Get Lucky,” with Pharrell Williams providing vocals and guitars by Nile Rodgers. It won Album of the Year in the 2014 Grammys, though it would also be their final studio album before they announced their split Monday.

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