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Years ago when short messaging systems or “text” became a feature in mobile phones, users in the Philippines sort of really took to this handy means of communication that global survey statistics have pegged the country as the “Texting Capital” of the world. In 2019 or about two years ago, the “Digital 2019” report from Hootsuite and We Are Social declared Filipinos to be the longest users of the internet in a day. Apparently it was reduced back in 2020, but this year the most up-to-date report from the two companies confirm that not only are the longest daily net surfers in the Philippines, but also for social media users.

The Philippine Star reports that Filipinos will not let slow internet speeds rob them of the title as the kings of net surfing, plus social media usage. This much was revealed in Digital 2021, this year’s edition of the online use statistical report by media company We Are Social and social media management platform Hootsuite. With this year’s worldwide internet use daily average calculated as six hours 54 minutes, Filipinos collectively say “that is not enough” by clocking 10 hours 56 minutes. Note that in the Digital 2020 report the country was at 9 hours 45 minutes, lower than 2019.

Hootsuite and We Are Social focused the daily net surfing statistics on users around the world between ages 16 to 64, and accessing the internet on any device, from computers to mobile phones to smart TVs and so on. Landing at second and third place respectively behind the Philippines are South American nations Brazil (10 hours eight minutes) and Colombia (1 minute less than Brazil).

Over on social media, the current daily time spent by Filipinos according to Digital 2021 is four hours 15 minutes. This is an increase by 22 minutes from Digital 2020’s three hours 53 minute. By contrast, second placer Brazil is a half-hour behind the Philippines at three hours 45 minutes, while the number 3 spot is shared by Brazil and Kenya (three hours 42 minutes). The least social media-crazy country in the whole world is Japan, as they spend less than an hour on that. Globally, the social media daily use average is two hours 25 minutes. Facebook remains king of social media, with YouTube, WhatsApp and Instagram right behind.

Due to COVID-19, Filipinos have also been encouraged to increase usage of e-commerce. Counting aged 16-64 net users who bought stuff online the month before, Digital 2021 crowns Indonesia as the leading e-commerce adopters, followed in order by the UK, Thailand, Malaysia and Poland. The global average for this internet activity is 76.8% this year, and Filipinos are at 80.2%.

Image courtesy of Pilipino Mirror


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