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In 2017, Disney made the dreams of many kids who grew up in the late 1980s to 1990s come true. As a refresher, that period was when the animated series “Ducktales” premiered and later became a pillar of the Disney Afternoon syndicated block. What came out in 2017 was a reboot of the show, with a memorable voice cast (10th Doctor as Scrooge McDuck? YES) and a solid episodic narrative tied with overarching myth plots filled with awesome callbacks across three seasons on Disney XD and Disney Channel. The bad news is that it will end with season 3, but at least the production is letting it go real epic-like.

According to Comic Book Resources, the last episode of the third season of the “Ducktales” reboot series, airing on March 15 as a three-part 90-season finale, will also be getting a marathon sendoff. “The Last Adventure,” upon its premiere date and time on Disney XD, will then repeat non-stop for a full 24-hour period. Most viewers and “Ducktales” fans with Disney XD will not miss a single moment of that finale. The main voice cast even got together for a brick joke of their singing the theme song before the series began, except this time it is a dramatic reading.

“Ducktales” season 3 will resume following its lengthy mid-season break on February 22, after which new episodes will premiere every Monday until March 15. But on the week before, starting March 8, Disney XD will also rerun every single episode of the series all the way from its season 1 pilot episode “Woo-oo!” While the whole gimmick is giving the feel of a lasting farewell to the reboot, all episodes will of course be available binge streaming on Disney+, and they will stay there even after the TV run ends, and no spinoff series materialize.

The finale episode, “The Last Adventure,” will see Scrooge McDuck, his family and allies gather for one final confrontation with his once-hidden nemesis the Fiendish Organization of World Larceny (FOWL) in a scramble for treasure.

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