Sunday, February 28, 2021

DISNEY+ Gives First Look on Character Designs for “THE PROUD FAMILY: LOUDER AND PROUDER” Revival


The thing about Disney+ is that not only is it a prime platform for the House of Mouse and its subsidiary brands to unleash some sweet original content on, it is also shaping up to be where remakes and revivals of their past IPs can find a new home. It could range from films like “The Mighty Ducks” or “High School Musical” being turned into series that either continue from or reimagine in a new format; to series from Disney Channel that could end up with new leases on life. “The Proud Family” (2001-05) is such an example, and after a year without word, the Disney+ revival has new stuff. tells us that streaming service Disney+ has finally revealed some preview visuals for “The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder,” a revival of the original animated series from Disney Channel. Anticipation for the return of Penny Proud and her family was quite strong especially for fans of the series, considering that the show’s finale had been a 2005 Disney Channel TV movie. Judging from the first look video the Disney exclusive streaming service put up this past weekend, the production is aware of the fondness and sought only to deliver.

Running just over a minute and a half, show-runners and executive producers Bruce Smith and Ralph Farquhar give a rundown of the “Proud Family” cast, with slightly revamped character designs for their “Louder and Prouder” streaming revival. Penny is still aged 14; her young fraternal twin siblings are still adorable; her mom Trudy is still a successful vet; her dad Oscar has dialed up the overbearingness; her Uncle Bobby is still a funky throwback and remains the favored son of Suga Mama Proud, Penny’s grandma and the family “truth-teller.”

Next, Suga Mama still has Papi Boulevardez wrapped around her finger, while his son and daughter-in-law Felix and Sunset remain buddies with the Proud parents and their daughter LaCienga is content being Penny’s sometimes-friendly rival. Lastly, there are Penny’s circle of friends, smart but shy dancer Zoey and the poisonous companion Dijonay. The streaming revival does have new things to offer, for example a new neighbor kid that Penny befriends: the cornrow-braided ripped-jean-wearing Maya Leibowitz-Jenkins, described by the show-runners as “woke.”

Smith and Farquhar stated that “The Proud: Family: Louder and Prouder” is still in the middle of production, but that they are looking forward to new fans getting to know the characters, as well as returnees wondering what the Prouds have been up to. The original Disney Channel voice cast has been confirmed to return, which would make for a treat to longtime viewers when the revival hits Disney+ streaming.

Image courtesy of The DisInsider


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