Monday, February 22, 2021

BTS are MOST TWEETED-ABOUT Musicians on TWITTER in US Last Year


There can be no denying that social media is part and parcel of everyday life now, and that the various platforms providing these services online can have a significant say in public opinion. For instance, Twitter has long cemented itself as a moving force in pop culture trends for the US, considering how many celebrities have accounts and are active in their community. Recently Twitter released a list of the top tweeted-about musicians in the country as of the whole of 2020. As it turns out from the results, for the year when COVID-19 reigned IRL, it was a K-Pop act that ruled on Twitter.

And as reported by, none other than the biggest K-Pop boy band of all was the most tweeted-about musician in the US last year. BTS – for who else could it be – was number one on Twitter’s list for the musical act getting the most tweets on their platform for 2020. Their agency Big Hit Entertainment shared the news on Monday, February 22. Of the top ten musicians that came out on the recent survey by Twitter, no less than four K-Pop acts made the cut, with BTS coming first.

Such has been the start power of the most successful boy band out of South Korea that they could dominate music-related Twitter posts for last year. To think, they have more tweets than Kanye West (number 2) or Beyoncé and Drake, who rank third and fourth respectively. The fact that BTS unleashed “Dynamite,” their first full-English recorded song last year, must have made an indelible impression on American Twitter-using music fans. “Dynamite” did debut at number one on the Billboard Top 100, and is nominated for Best Pop Duo/Group performance in the upcoming Grammy Awards.

BTS was not alone on Twitter’s top ten most tweeted-about musicians of 2020. They are accompanied by ATEEZ, NCT and EXO, all three of which occupy fifth through seventh places. The remaining acts on this storied ensemble are Megan Thee Stallion (number 8), Harry Styles (number 9) and Bad Bunny (number 10). The 63rd Annual Grammys where the group’s song “Dynamite” is nominated will be held this coming March 14.

Image from Rolling Stone


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