Tuesday, January 19, 2021


When Warner Bros. Digital Networks and DC Entertainment launched the DC Universe video-on-demand streaming service in 2018, in addition to a back catalog of all TV and film adaptations of DC Comics superheroes they also boasted some original content. One was “Titans,” adapting the young-hero team from the original comic-books but with a TV twist all of its own. Ever since the first teaser showed Dick Grayson/Robin saying a four-letter word regarding Batman, fans became interested enough to tune in to the show’s two seasons. But with season 3 moving to HBO Max come some changes and additions, particularly the appearance of Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, whose actress has just been cast.

According to Comic Book Resources, actress Savannah Welch will be portraying the primary heroine character of the “Bat-Family” corner of DC, for the third season of “Titans” starring Brenton Thwaites, Anna Diop, Teagan Croft and Ryan Potter. Welch’s most prominent and recent role was a 2018 appearance in the History Channel’s military drama “Six,” in which she portrayed an ex-Marine who lost a leg to an IED explosion. She was a perfect cast of sorts due to being an amputee herself at the time of shooting, having lost her own leg in a 2016 accident.

Information gleaned about Welch’s upcoming role as Barbara/Batgirl in “Titans” reveal that her background is a composite of various different versions of the character from both DC Comics and adaptations. She once served as Batgirl alongside Batman and Robin, but was rendered wheelchair-bound after being severely injured by the Joker, as in the print. But in-series she is also the current Gotham City Police Commissioner, following in her father’s footsteps, and is now at odds with Bruce Wayne/Batman, similar to the 1999 “Batman Beyond” animated cartoon. Another comic-book element is that she and Dick Grayson/Robin have a past relationship, one that rekindles when he returns to Gotham during season 3.

In addition to acting, Savannah Welch has also become a spokesperson for the disability community. One does wonder how her real-life amputation would be translated over to her character, someone who is “merely” paraplegic with all limbs intact. Currently she appears to be of a guest role capacity for the series alongside Iain Glen’s Bruce/Batman. Fans will just have to wait for “Titans” season 3 which, with other DC original shows on DC Universe, are moving to HBO Max. No premiere date was given but seasons 1-2 are now streaming.

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