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Going into the 21st Century, filmmaker Robert Rodriguez decided that after establishing himself as an adult-oriented creator of action films like “El Mariachi” and “From Dusk Till Dawn,” he needed a change of pace by developing a movie that his children can watch. In 2001 his brainchild “Spy Kids,” which he described as a fusion of James Bond and Willy Wonka, was released, demonstrating that Rodriguez could channel his filmmaking mastery into all-ages and family-friendly fare. That film would birth a modest franchise with three sequels and even a Netflix animated spinoff. “Spy Kids” actually remains viable enough that a production company is interested in a possible reboot of it.

Deadline tells us that Skydance Media has optioned the rights for a fresh new start on the “Spy Kids” film series in collaboration with original creator Robert Rodriguez and current franchise holder, Spyglass Media Group. In this arrangement, Skydance will be the primary production studio for a conceptualized reboot depicting a multicultural family with spies for parents and children getting into adventures as they are introduced into the world of espionage, but in a general-patronage way. The treatment will again be written by Rodriguez, who is also up to direct.

While Skydance already has a strong slate of upcoming movies done in concert with Paramount Pictures, namely two Tom Cruise starrers in “Top Gun: Maverick” and “Mission: Impossible 7,” plus “G.I. Joe: Snake-Eyes,” they have been interested in diversifying their cinema portfolio by getting to produce an established all-ages film. In this they will be getting help from Spyglass Media in ensuring a “Spy Kids” authenticity will be given their project, thanks to executive producers Peter Oillataguerre and Gary Barber.

“Spy Kids” as originally conceived by Robert Rodriguez chronicles the adventures of the Cortez Family. When their parents disappear, children Carmen and Juni learn that their mom and dad were retired spies. With the help of their estranged uncle and lots of cool special effects-laden gadgets and vehicles, they set out to find the elder Cortezes. The follow-up movies show the Cortez siblings as full-fledged (young) spies, helping to thwart masterminds with off-the-wall terror plots.

Of course, this “Spy Kids” reboot is still a ways off, with no dates or timetables yet revealed. Rodriguez as of late is in the spotlight for directing “The Tragedy,” episode 6 of season 2 for “Star Wars” spinoff “The Mandalorian,” currently streaming on Disney+.

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