Wednesday, January 27, 2021

REVAMPED TESLA MODEL S with “PLAID” Powertrain to Start Shipping MARCH

Usually when it comes to models of anything from an electronic device to a vehicle, when a new model comes out and gains wide distribution, the predecessors will eventually be phased out. E-vehicle automaker Tesla introduced its latest electronic sedan, the Model 3, back in 2017. It was touted as the e-car that would make e-vehicles affordable to most buyers yet. And indeed, as of 2020 the Model 3 is supposed to be the all-time best-selling electric car. Normally this should mean that the Model 3’s predecessor, the Tesla Model S from 2012, should be on the way out. But Tesla has more to show with this e-sedan this year.

The Verge has it that Tesla is rolling out the first significant revamp of the Model S sedan since it was introduced in the first half of the 2010s. The changes encompass both its external looks and internal capabilities, with the major update being on the new powertrain options. With these new trims the Model S is now being touted by Tesla as being the fastest production car ever made.

The first revamped Model S variant, “Long Range,” is a dual-motor (engines on each axle) with 412 miles of range and costs $79,990. But the other variants are where the new powertrain shines, featuring a tri-motor setup (front axle, both rear wheels) that can get it from 0 to 60 mph in under 2 seconds. Both trims are named “Plaid” (“Spaceballs” reference), with “basic” Plaid costing $119,000 for a 390-mile range and the Plaid+ having a range of 520 miles, for the price of $139,000. Top speeds are 155 mph for the Long Range and 200 mph for both Plaids.

Other features of the Tesla Model S serves to bring it up to speed aesthetics-wise with later Tesla e-vehicles. The original portrait-oriented touchscreen dashboard panel is now horizontal for a better display. The steering wheel is a sweetly futuristic “butterfly U” shape to accommodate the driver’s personal display; and a secondary screen so that the rear passengers can see too. Top it off with a glass roof and it makes for a nice revision of the Model S sedan. Tesla looks to get the revamped model to ship starting March.

Image courtesy of Bloomberg


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