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A few decades ago, a giant robot “mecha” anime anime series from Toei Animation, directed by Tadao Nagahama and produced by eventual “Gundam” creator Yoshiyuki Tomino, aired from 1977 to 1978 in Japan to modest reception. It was not until the series was exported overseas to the likes of Cuba, Indonesia, and the Philippines, that “Voltes V” became the well-beloved and happily-adopted cornerstone of Japanese pop culture that it is for many to this day. GMA7 which had aired “Voltes V” numerous times, wowed fans back in New Year’s Eve 2019 with a teaser for a live-action adaptation. Following a whole year without much news, another teaser has been released. tells us that GMA Network has released a second glimpse of their upcoming “Voltes V Legacy” series, remaking the 1977 original Toei anime series in live-action for both longtime followers and a new generation of fans. The minute-long teaser was released on YouTube and social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook last Thursday, July 14. It depicts another take on the arrival of the horned humanoid alien invaders from Boazania arriving to conquer Earth, the titular robot launching from its headquarters in separated vehicle form, plus quick peeks at the start of its combining sequence, and Voltes’ most powerful armament, the Laser Sword.

While the YouTube video version has amassed over 700,000 views and 19,000 likes, there has also been a marked divide in the tone of reactions from commentators. A number of these comments, ostensibly Filipinos, continue to voice anything from caution to derision at the GMA7 adaptation of “Voltes V” despite the crisp CGI work, citing some disappointing efforts from the network regading special effects-laden shows that have been mired in the traditional Philippine weekday-spanning drama formats. Foreign comments, mainly from Japan, have been very supportive and awed in stark contrast.

With longtime GMA Network resident director Mark Reyes at the helm, and a development period that has already been in motion over the past five years, “Voltes V Legacy” is shaping to be one of the most visually mind-blowing Philippine TV productions yet to arrive on air. Filipinos worried about storyline quality deterioration that comes from airing episodes Monday to Friday are being mollified by assurances that Japanese anime studio Toei has oversight over the project and must okay all episodes for airing, and that said episodes will air once a week to maintain standards.

Post-production for “Voltes V Legacy” particularly the stunning visual effects, are shared by GMA7’s video graphic department and Riot Inc. Riot worked on epic Kapuso fantaserye “Encantadia” and the 2018 Max’s Restaurant commercial featuring aliens and the late Francis Magalona’s “Kaleidoscope World.” The series is coming soon to GMA Network.

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