Monday, January 25, 2021


Two certain media came out last year, even as the country and the world was swept up (and locked up) in the global COVID pandemic. One is The IdeaFirst Company’s YouTube web series “Gameboys,” the first significant foray into the contemporary boys’ love genre by a Philippine production. The other is “Get in the Zone,” the first full album of South Korean-developed P-Pop boy band SB19, who recently worked on a new ad jingle for Lazada. While seemingly separate, the web series and a song from that SB19 album came together recently in a surprisingly fitting combo, according to fans.

By that, we mean The IdeaFirst Company’s first trailer for season 2 of “Gameboys” which they released last Friday, January 22. Said teaser for the next part of the unexpected love story between online gamers Cairo and Gavreel got a rather appropriate background track towards the end according to The Philippine Star. It is none other than “Hanggang sa Huli,” a ballad courtesy of SB19 from their debut album. As the last week of January began the YouTube video has scored over 381,000 views, not to mention some 41,000 likes and close to 8,000 comments.

In true boys’ love fashion, the “Gameboys” trailer for season 2 dials the “Tastes like Diabetes” feeling up to eleven, with Cairo and Gavreel cuddling on a whim at the dining table, before they fall to the ground in mutual tickle attacks. Then as other scenes from the new episodes plus cast credits are rapidly intercut, SB19’s “Hanggang sa Huli,” with its heavy-with-meaning lyrics blares out at full blast. Could the song hint at how the titular Gameboy’ growing relationship will develop, and be tested?

Fans on the comments sure think so, when they are not going into figurative sugar shock at how Elijah Canlas and Kokoy de Santos are selling their characters’ dynamics. Having SB19 drop the song towards the end is being considered a masterstroke. And yes, the P-Pop group is mentioned in the final credits listing at the trailer’s end. What is not listed is the premiere date of “Gameboys” season 2. Fans will have to watch the space at The IdeaFirst Company’s YouTube page for updates.

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