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One general perception regarding the state of events both public and private when the COVID-19 pandemic became gravely serious last 2020 was that so many things got postponed for lengthy periods of time or just outright canceled. From movie premieres to community festivals, from weddings to the Tokyo Summer Olympics, almost everything just got shuttered up for the better part of last year, perhaps waiting at least until this 2021 to try again when vaccine relief is forthcoming. But some may have taken advantage of the pandemic restrictions against large gatherings to hold some very intimate occasions, like Alex Gonzaga.

As revealed by the Kapamilya talent on social media, she has been married to husband Mikee Morada ever since the two tied the knot in a private ceremony back in November of 2020. This was following the announcement of their engagement in 2019. The Philippine Star reports that Alex Gonzaga only dropped the marital bombshell on January 17 or roughly two months after their secretive wedding. A detailed explanation was given by the actress on her YouTube channel video of the ceremony, which was held at their residence in Taytay, Rizal. Only the immediate family of both the bride and groom were reportedly present for their private exchange of vows.

Seeing as celebrity weddings can be quite the big deal for fandoms of Philippine stars in the entertainment industry, Alex offered an apology to her fans for her choice in keeping her marriage to Morada under wraps for as long as it had been. “We wanted to celebrate with each other as family first,” says Gonzaga, who noted that keeping things between themselves was quite helpful in making sure the couple and their family guests would be safe against possible transmission of the COVID virus.

Thankfully, Alex Gonzaga’s fellow Kapamilya stars were nothing short of happy for her and her husband, not to mention supportive of their celebration subterfuge. Her Instagram page has greetings from the likes of Billy Crawford, Karla Estrada, Melai Cantiveros, Bianca Gonzales, and Jessy Mendiola among many others. We at Morgan Magazine also extend our warmest congratulations to the happy couple, and a hearty bravo for their successfully secret wedding ceremony.

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