Tuesday, August 4, 2020


It is a cinematic media trend that seems to be picking up traction. A number of films that should be releasing in theaters during the locked-down period brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic have been sent directly to digital streaming platforms to premiere there instead. The latest to plan in doing so is “The Woman in the Window,” based on a 2018 novel, starring Amy Adams for Fox 2000 Pictures. Fox 2000 is a sister production company to 20th Century Fox, and acquired alongside it by Disney. A worldwide streaming giant is expressing interest in having the stalled drama-thriller be released on their online platform.

The Hollywood Reporter tells us that Netflix is entering negotiations with Disney, now parent company to Fox 2000 Pictures, for the international to release the studio’s final film “The Woman in the Window” for streaming. Originally scheduled for a May 15 premiere, the plans were scrubbed by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and left the movie in some limbo with no new date planned. Fox 2000 produces so-called midrange films not expected to be multimillion blockbusters, and these projects face tent-pole fare backlogs in costs that need to be met with box-office returns in the movie-houses.

Another element in the situation is that “The Woman in the Window” is the last project by Fox 2000 Pictures, which has been marked for dissolution by Disney even as its big sister 20th Century Fox becomes just 20th Century Pictures. While Disney could release the film on its own streaming resources, the subject matter of the Amy Adams starrer is too heavy for family-friendly Disney+. There is also Hulu, which Disney is now majority owner of, and which seems to be set aside for Disney-affiliated content not up to the “House of Mouse” standard. But Netflix is really gunning to get the film instead.

Based on AJ Finn’s book, “The Woman in the Window” is directed by Joe Wright and stars Amy Adams as a child psychiatrist stuck at her home because of severe agoraphobia. She witnesses a crime outside and finds herself in danger because she is unable to leave for safety. Gary Oldman and Julianne Moore are also part of the cast. Adams is more recently known for portraying Lois Lane in the DC Extended Universe of Warner Bros. Pictures, but to Disney fans she is remembered as Giselle, the animated/live-action character from 2007’s musical fantasy rom-com “Enchanted,” costarring with Patrick Dempsey, James Marsden and Susan Sarandon.

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