Monday, August 10, 2020


Ever since the rise of Japanese pop culture internationally there has been a number of manga and anime – the latter usually being adaptations of the former – that have gotten mainstream media attention. Among these is “Inuyasha” by Rumiko Takahashi, about a Japanese schoolgirl and Shinto shrine maiden that travels to feudal Japan for adventures with a half-demon warrior with whom she has romantic tension with. From that basic setup ran a manga series that Takahashi kept going from 1996 to 2008, such that its anime adaptation actually took a break before finishing up in 2009-10. Last May however came the announcement of an anime spinoff-sequel starring the “Inuyasha” cast’s children.

And as Newsweek tells it, the first official trailer for “Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon,” an anime-only follow-up to Rumiko Takahashi’s manga “Inuyasha,” was released Friday last week, August 7, courtesy of Viz Media. As with the original anime adaptation, Sunrise is producing the new series, which will chronicle the adventures of the twin daughters of Sesshoumaru, the demon half-brother of the source story’s hero Inuyasha, along with his daughter by his wife from future Japan, Kagome. Just as Viz handled the North American dub licensing for “Inuyasha,” so it will be doing the same for “Yashahime.”

The trailer on Viz Media’s YouTube channel gives a closer look at the next-generation lead characters for the upcoming anime, the initial designs and general backstory for which were revealed back in May. The focus is on the half-demon twin sisters Towa and Setsuna, children of Sesshoumaru, separated during a forest fire in feudal-age Japan. Towa magically finds herself in present-day Tokyo, where she is found and raised by the family of her human half-aunt Kagome for ten years. She becomes a tough yet compassionate tomboy teenager who prefers wearing male fashion and practicing swordsmanship.

Her twin Setsuna, left in the past, is raised and trained by the demon hunter Kohaku, becoming a skilled yet stoic warrior. She crosses paths with Moroha, a fellow half-demon and daughter of Inuyasha and Kagome. Left to fend on her own as another demon slayer, Moroha’s encounter with Setsuna leads to the portal connecting past and future Japan to reopen, reuniting Setsuna with Towa, though the former has forgotten the latter. The three half-demon girls now find themselves investigating a malevolent demon that Inuyasha, his wife and their friends battled in the past, forcing them to travel between two time periods to find their missing memories and their families.

Rumiko Takahashi provides the character designs while Sunrise handles the production of “Yashahime: Half-Princess Demon,” which will reunite the studio staff that worked on the “Inuyasha” anime from 2000-04, and then 2009-10. The series will premiere in Japan this October, with Viz handling digital streaming for North and Latin America.

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