Wednesday, July 22, 2020

TESLA Chooses AUSTIN Texas as Site for Next GIGAFACTORY Complex

As Tesla continues to introduce new models of electrical vehicles, the need to then mass-produce them to meet ever-increasing consumer demands is a top priority. Elon Musk thus announced back in March, during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns, that it was looking for a new site in the central US to build a new “Gigafactory” complex upon which to task the production of the Tesla Cybertruck and other e-cars. Two locales most of all were in a dead heat competition to invite the e-vehicle manufacturer to set up shop with them. And this Wednesday Tesla confirmed the future home of this Gigafactory.

Tech Crunch tells us that it will be Austin, Texas which will be home to a massive e-car assembly complex that Tesla will be spending a nice $1.1 billion to construct. The news came out as the automaker was doing its second-quarter earnings call on July 22. The location of the next Gigafactory will ensure the quick delivery of customer orders from the East Coast for the Tesla Cybertruck, as well as the Semi-truck, Model Y crossover utility and, of course, the Model 3 sedan. Company CEO Elon Musk notes that construction has already begun.

Getting Tesla to set up shop in Austin was no small feat for Texan city. The nearby Travis county and local school district outside of the major Texan city where the complex will be built, both gave Tesla some massive tax breaks amounting to some $54 million over the course of 10 years. No less than 2,100 acres (4-5 million sq. ft.) will be set aside for Gigafactory 2. In contrast to the main factory in Fremont, California, much of the new complex will be open to the public, with amenities such as bike trails and a boardwalk. Musk described the layout of the complex to be an “ecological paradise” where wild flora and fauna will be preserved as possible.

Once completed, Tesla’s Austin Gigafactory will be hiring about 5,000 workers from local communities and will boast an entry-level salary of $35,000 plus an average of $47,147. This comes as a worthy triumph to Texas’ efforts to attract the electronic automaker to them, over the rival bid of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The investments Tesla will put into Austin-Travis County could see additional tax revenue in the area of about $8.8 million within the next 10 years.

Tesla’s primary factories other than the one being built for Austin are in Fremont, Reno in Nevada, Buffalo in New York, and Shanghai in China.

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