Thursday, July 9, 2020

SAMSUNG, APPLE Looking to Discontinue Including CHARGERS with PHONE Bundles

Ever since the mobile phone became an ubiquitous must-have gadget for common people in the turn of the millennium, the usual phone package from manufacturers would have it that the phones would at least come with its own charging equipment. The evolution of mobile charging has come a long way from tabletop apparatus, to plug-in cables to wireless platforms to lay down compatible smartphones on. The deal is that in packaging an electronic device, the box would also include (aside from the manual and warranty documentation) a way to recharge the battery. But Korean smartphone maker Samsung looks about ready to overturn that mandatory philosophy.

The Verge tells us that Samsung’s mobile phone arm has decided that their upcoming Android smartphone packages will no longer include a battery charger for every unit shipped to market, starting next year. Such a move actually comes at the heels of another phone manufacturer, none other than Apple, announcing that they too might not include a brand-new charger in the boxes of their upcoming iPhone lineup. This is in addition to their publicized plans to phase out certain charger series depending on model, particularly the 5W and 18W types.

And Samsung for one has a very good reason for no longer including chargers to their future bundles of Galaxy S’s or Notes. The reasoning is that since there is a new smartphone model rolling out every year, most phone users would still have a charger for their previous unit that would still be in working condition, since for the most part the chargers are mostly compatible barring a new major tech shift. By cutting the chargers from a standard phone package Samsung could drive down cost per unit to make their devices more affordable. Furthermore, forcing users to keep their past chargers instead of throwing them away after getting a new model is a big help to the environment.

While Samsung has not made specific remarks on how they will proceed with the charger removal from their phone packages, Apple on the other hand has already made concrete plans. Once their latest iPhones come out (without chargers included) Apple will introduce a new 20W fast charger accessory that will be sold separately. This will serve as a current-gen replacement to the older 5W and 18W chargers for past units. Time will tell however if the consumers agree with how the manufacturers see the future.

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