Monday, July 13, 2020


Google’s Android-powered Pixel smartphones are not exactly the first model name mentioned in a list of most sought-after mobile devices in the market today, but the series does have a following of its own. After all, it is supposed to fully maximize the potential of the Android MOS, with its commercial sponsorship by Google and everything. Last year, the fourth iteration of the Pixel smartphone was released in October, both the baseline and larger XL variant. The only thing lacking is the low-cost Pixel 4 unit, which would be appended with the “A” designation. Google has been mum about its release, but leaks have confirmed it, including from Google itself.

The Verge has it that Google may have made a booboo if they were planning to keep the Pixel 4A officially under wraps for much longer. Eagle-eyed observers have found that the internet giant has posted a photo of the midrange version of the 4 and 4XL at Google Store Canada. The funny thing was that it was probably intentional, as the accompanying text would suppose that the photo being shown was a Google Nest Wi-Fi. A screen capture of the mistaken image also carried a date of May 12.

Based on that date seen on the Pixel 4A’s screen, the leak-from-the-source moment drops a big hint on Google’s plans for releasing that smartphone. May 12th had been the original schedule for their annual developer’s conference, an appropriate venue to introduce the last variant of the Pixel 4. Of course, said date was also smack dab in the middle of the heightened worldwide community quarantines necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing Google to cancel it. As is usual practice, the unveiling of a new mobile device would have been followed by a later release date, and the 4A reportedly only gained FCC certification last month.

Pixel “A” models began with the Pixel 3 and XL, released in May last year and discontinued only this month, on July 1. Being a lower-end variant, the upcoming 4A has an all-black casing finish barring a blue power button. Its rear-cam suite, in the now-standard upper-corner location, consists only of a single lens and flash sensor. The selfie camera is in an upper-left cutout, and as a treat for audio-jack aficionados, that has been retain in the Pixel 4A, which apparently will not have a version for 4 XL.

Image courtesy of Android Authority


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