Wednesday, July 15, 2020

NICK CANNON Still HOST for “MASKED SINGER” on FOX, After Expressing “REMORSE” Over ANTI-SEMITIC Comments

Celebrities who are personalities in mainstream entertainment media are in a position where anything they say can present a right or wrong sort of message. Many instances of the latter have led to the luminaries in question to be made pariahs by the audiences, and run the risk of being let go by their respective networks. This most recently has been the story of recording artist and TV host Nick Cannon, who was called out for several anti-Semitic remarks on one of his podcasts, leading to ViacomCBS booting him out of hosting duties for “Wild n Out” on VH1. Thankfully for him, another network has decided to keep him on.

Entertainment Weekly has it that Fox network has announced that currently-controversial Nick Cannon will retain his hosting duties for their singing reality competition “The Masked Singer.” A statement released by Fox on Wednesday, July 15, notes that they have engaged in dialogue with Cannon following the fallout of his recent YouTube-hosted podcast with rapper-lecturer Richard Griffin/Professor Griff where he spoke some pointedly hostile observations about Jews. "He is clear and remorseful that his words were wrong and lacked both understanding and context, and inadvertently promoted hate,” the Fox statement continues.

While Fox insists that their network as policy condemns hate and bigotry against any community from any of their contracted talent, they are assured following their talk with Cannon that the “Masked Singer” host has been remorseful about the incident, having “apologized and taken steps to educate” himself in order to make amends for his outburst. The embattled celebrity gave his own statement on the matter echoing Fox’s sentiments. He described his words as reinforcing the worst stereotypes about Jewish people and culture. To that he, Cannon relates that he has removed the video interview with Griffin from his podcast.

The above mea culpa from Nick Cannon was something of an about-face in attitude, considering that his initial reaction to ViacomCBS removing him from “Wild n Out” last Wednesday was to defend his opinions and call out the mass media conglomerate for trying to “silence the outspoken black man.” His stance however wavered in subsequent posts on his Facebook page, even as more public voices, particularly from the Jewish community in the US, has condemned Cannon’s questionable supposition while interviewing Professor Griff that Jews and non-white were incapable of acting any other way than “evil.”

“The Masked Singer” on Fox, which Cannon has hosted from the beginning, has completed three seasons through 2019 to 2020. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, a spinoff after-show on a virtual stage with video-telephony called “The Masked Singer: After the Mask” aired from April to May, also with Cannon as host. Another spinoff, “The Masked Dancer,” saw production delayed until late 2020, but with hosting duties given to Ellen DeGeneres.

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