Tuesday, July 14, 2020

MICHAEL V Weighs In on GAMERS either Waiting for SONY PS5 or Buying the “Aging” PS4

If there is ever the definitive Filipino celebrity of the geeks and for the geeks, one needs to look no further than recording artist, actor, comedian, and TV host Michael V. “Bitoy” is also well-known for being both fan and authority on “niche” pop culture, such as Japanese anime and videogames. The former might have been seen in his costumed skits for some of his old TV shows such as “Bilibkaba,” while the latter is evident on his official YouTube channel where he posts his video-log “#BitoyStory.” In fact, his video this past Sunday offers some pretty spot-on tips on an upcoming anticipated videogame console.

As Inquirer.net tells it, the July 12 episode of “#BitoyStory” has Michael V provided his two centavos on what Filipino videogame fans, particularly aficionados of Sony and its PlayStation game consoles, should do pertaining the impending release of the latest iteration of the series, the PlayStation 5. Announced for release in the coming 2020 Holidays, the PS5 is the successor to the soon-to-be 7-year-old PS4 that came out in 2013. Bitoy posits a choice of what some Pinoy gamers with money to spend might do: save up and wait for the future console, or just get the now-aging (comparatively in game hardware terms) PlayStation 4.

Right of the bat, Michael V warns PS5 savers that the moment the console becomes available in the Philippines it will be prohibitively expensive. This fact, he explains, is rooted in two factors. One, the resellers will definitely add more to the price tag for their units. Second, legitimate distributors will be the first to run out of stock due to either pre-orders or mass-buying scalpers who will drive up their own price ranges to near house-and-lot levels. It is, as Bitoy relates, the same thing these unscrupulous resellers did with the “limited-edition” PS4 variant.

While if a buyer can burn that much cash he could begin saving up for a PS5, Michael V instead encourages would-be first-time (or returning) videogame console owners to let the latest console drop in asking price first and buy a PlayStation 4 instead. He notes that the PS4 already has a massive 7-year game library to try out, and playing through even a small portion of them to completion will make enough time pass for the players until the PS5 becomes more affordable anyway.

The “one of us” comedian and host spoke of how playing videogames has been a popular activity to pass the time for many while staying at home during the ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic. He does however insist that between buying game hardware and essential needs, one should prioritize family first, with invitation to watch his v-log “#BitoyStory” instead if they cannot afford entertainment extravagances.

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