Monday, July 20, 2020


The scary thing about the novel coronavirus that has turned the world upside-down this year in a very negative way, is that the infection could latch on to just about anybody. There have been a lot of celebrities at home and abroad who have dropped bombshells in announcing their COVID-19 infection. Of the latter there is the instance of actor-director Tom Hanks, while of the former the names can be quite surprising: from media personalities like Howie Severino to veteran stars like Christopher de Leon. Now, this Monday, Kapuso stalwart Michael V revealed that he too has tested COVID positive.

As The Manila Bulletin tells it, “Bitoy” aka Michael V broke the news that he too has contracted the COVID-19 infection on his YouTube channel v-log this July 20. The recording artist and TV personality spoke of his condition over the past few days, noting that while recording his previous v-log video he had not been feeling well. In fact, Bitoy said he had experienced symptoms similar to the flu, including significant signs such as briefly losing his sense of smell alongside a discomfort in his nasal area. He has since placed himself in isolation as recorded on his video, which his announcement of being COVID-positive done on “Day 8.”

Michael V related that he received his swab test results on the eighth day of his self-imposed isolation at home. At the moment that the GMA7 personality made his announcement, he noted that his current symptoms were a fever, but that at least his sense of smell was normal again. He does feel down at having to separate himself from his family, but Bitoy has remained optimistic of his situation.

“Let’s just keep doing what they (the government and health agencies) have told us to do and we’ll get through this,” Michael V advised his audiences towards the end of his COVID announcement video. “We’ve been through worse. I do miss my family a lot.” It should be recalled that his immediately previous video on his #BitoyStory channel on YouTube, posted last week, was his opinion on whether gamers should save and wait for the Sony PlayStation 5 or purchase a PlayStation 4 instead if they have not yet. Bitoy noted that during the making of his video there were noticeable pitch changes in his voice, which he believes were the onset of his eventual catching of the COVID-19 infection.

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