Sunday, July 26, 2020

“MEGA MAN” Movie Still IN-DEV According to DIRECTORS at COMIC-CON@HOME Panel

There was a time when the notion of producing a live-action adaptation of a videogame was automatically a bad idea. Now, gaming fans know that if a movie studio does its homework with the source material, is willing to give it a budget, and will actually listen to community input, the results could be, if not a critic-winner then a sure-fire blockbuster. Recent examples are not hard to find with last year’s “Pokémon: Detective Pikachu” from Warner Bros. and Nintendo, and the pre-COVID smash hit “Sonic the Hedgehog” from Paramount and Sega. Encouraged by these results, it is now Capcom’s turn to (finally) get cinematic. tells us that the long-incubating project to create a live-action (if CGI-heavy) film of the Capcom videogame character “Mega Man” might have gotten some new infusion of life towards full development. This was revealed during the virtual San Diego Comic-Con@Home event that ran since last week from July 22 and ending this Sunday, July 26. The dormant movie’s slated directors, Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, dropped some mall hints on the conceptualization of “Mega Man” in the middle of their online panel for their current upcoming Netflix original film, “Project Power” starring Jamie Foxx.

Schulman and Joost affirmed that there is still progress on realizing “Mega Man” for the big screen and that they hope to drop some “big news” about it soon. What the directors can share is that they may have gotten a new member for their production posse from working on “Project Power,” namely the screenwriter Mattson Tomlin. "We had such a great time working with Mattson on Project Power that we invited him in to help us out with Mega Man,” says Joost. “I can’t say all that much right now, but it’s a project very near and dear to our hearts and we’re psyched."

Capcom’s “Mega Man,” originally “Rockman” in Japan, first appeared for the Nintendo Family Computer/NES in 1987, eventually generating sequels and spinoffs in a multitude of gaming platforms over the decades. Based by its original creators on the iconic manga/anime “Astro Boy,” Mega Man is a robot boy empowered to fight off rebellions of evil reprogrammed machines created by villains ranging from mad scientists to sentient computer viruses. Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost (“Paranormal Activity 3”) have secured directing duties for the adaptation from Capcom, filming under 20th Century Fox, now Disney subsidiary 20th Century Studios.

Joost and Schulman’s movie, “Project Power” on Netflix, features Jamie Foxx as a father who stumbles upon a street drug that gives people superhuman abilities for five minutes. It will arrive on the streaming platform next month, on August 14.

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