Tuesday, July 21, 2020


Many moviegoers have already cottoned out a few years ago that not all films are of the domain of cinemas anymore. Many a streaming platform not only carries digital formats of past motion pictures but might also show original (and possibly) feature-length content. And these online films might even have quality cast and creators, enough to win a movie award or two. Netflix, still likely the first name in online streaming and originals, has indeed won serious accolades for their own original exclusive movies. Their search for new stuff to film is unceasing, as this new streaming cinematic development shows.

Entertainment Weekly tells us that a new upcoming Netflix movie will be “Leave the World Behind,” adapted from the same-named novel by Rumaan Alam. The international streaming giant has been one of several bidders for the book’s film rights, which it acquired after some intense back-and-fourth. Now they are going full throttle in pre-production, with a director and two top movie stars to lead the cast. Veteran actor Denzel Washington and actress Julia Roberts will bring Alam’s novel to life under the direction of Sam Esmail (Mr. Robot). The author himself will be executive producer while the leads, Esmail and Chad Hamilton will be producing.

“Leave the World Behind” will be a reunion of sorts for Washington and Roberts, following their tandem in the 1993 Warner Bros. legal thriller “The Pelican Brief.” Speaking of reunions, the same can be said for Roberts and Esmail, seeing as the latter directed the former for season 1 of Amazon Prime Video series “Homecoming.” Interestingly, the novel the film will be based on has not even been published yet, and is not expected to hit bookstores in the US (initially) until later this year.

A synopsis released by Prime Video relates that the film focuses on two families headed respectively by Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington. Both sides have not known each other at all, until a weekend trip they took to the same place takes a turn for the worse and forces them to work together to survive. As the blurb concludes, “Leave the World Behind” explores how "how our closest bonds are reshaped — and unexpected new ones are forged — in moments of crisis." There has been no official release date yet for the film on Amazon Prime.

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