Wednesday, July 15, 2020

GLOC-9 Not Only Selling FRIED CHICKEN Online, But Also Sharing RECIPE on YOUTUBE Via RAP

A lot of businesses have gone dormant or close to it during the earlier, more restrictive community lockdowns throughout the Philippines in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes the entertainment industry, so a lot of actors, recording artists and the like have sought alternative means of making a living, such as engaging in business online. Selling anything from medical equipment to clothing to food delivery, these star-power merchants have made online marketplaces quite lively. A certain very popular rap artist s part of these online COVID-period entrepreneurs, but he is also generous enough to share his secrets with everybody.

Said rapper is Aristotle “Gloc-9” Pollisco, who as GMA News reports is engaging in the online food industry by offering his special fried chicken. Details on his product were provided in an Instagram post, dated Tuesday, July 14. A photo showed delicious golden-brown deep-fried chicken which Gloc-9 is offering in 4-piece packs priced at P350 each. The rapper explains they are available for delivery on phone order this coming weekend, or Saturday and Sundy July 18-19. For those who are not in Metro Manila however, Gloc-9 has that covered too, because he has shared his personal chicken recipe on YouTube.

On the video “Fried Chicken ni Gloc-9” posted on his official YouTube channel, Gloc begins by trying to conventionally tell his fried chicken recipe a la a TV cooking show, only to give up during the intro and deciding to provide the steps in an awesome rap. In three quick stanzas sandwiched between repeats of the catchy refrain, the rap-fryer details the ingredients needed for Gloc-9’s personal marinade – garlic, ginger, vinegar, soy sauce, salt, black pepper, and either red or green chili – plus the two-phase cooking procedure to make his assuredly delicious fried chicken recipe.

As the song goes, one needs to boil water in a saucepan, in which all the marinade ingredients are mixed in preferred portions to according to personal taste. Then pieces of chicken are boiled in the marinade until the chicken-skins are a shade of red. They are then removed from the marinade (before they get too cooked). Next, the prepared chicken slices are left in the refrigerator overnight before being fried as normal the following day. Gloc-9 swears in his song that the results taste so good diners risk running out of rice. And if the over 8,300 likes on the video is any indication, many are inclined to agree.

The “Fried Chicken ni Gloc-9” is but one of several food products that Gloc is selling online. He has even defended his little business on social media from detractors, saying he is merely setting an example for others to take action and earn even if the COVID-19 restrictions still remain.

Image: Gloc-9 official YouTube channel


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