Wednesday, July 22, 2020


It can be amazing how a little South Korean-style training from one of that country’s major record labels can turn a quintet of aspiring young Filipino singers into a boy band easily mistaken for a K-Pop group. But that is exactly the incredible feat ShowBT did to create SB19, an involved process that began as early as 2016. And now the SB19 boys – Josh, Sejun, Stell, Ken and Justin – have been at the vanguard of pushing the OPM sub-genre of P-Pop to newer heights with their well-received singles. The only thing left now is for them to release an album.

Speaking of which, CNN Philippines reports that, yes, SB19 is ready to do just that. The P-Pop group via ShowBT Philippines announced back in Tuesday, July 21, that their debut album “Get in the Zone” will soon be available digitally at the end of the month. The good news was a nice punctuation to the reveal that SB19 is now one of the Top 3 acts in the Billboard Social chart, coming in third only to well-established K-Pop groups like EXO and BTS. “Get in the Zone” will contain nine tracks, two of which are songs they have not yet debuted, and three musical remixes.

On their video press-con dropping the bombshell on their inaugural full album, SB19 member Sejun spoke of how the tracks on “Get in the Zone” are thematically about their journey to become a formidable P-Pop boy band. “Our experiences, all of the emotions we have been through, we incorporated them all in the album,” he explains. “There are sad songs, some happy songs, some hopeful, inspirational songs. All we lived through as trainees we wrote songs based on the emotions we felt in our journey.” And indeed, SB19 is privileged to be able to write their own material to perform.

SB19 already had plans for a major concert in the Philippines this year, which were delayed no thanks to the flare-up of the COVID-19 pandemic. They have released another single entitled “ikako” back in May, which they offered in dedication to Filipinos to liven things up back when the community quarantines were still very strict. Sejun assures fans that their group remain active in coming up with new ideas for music, in accordance to their creative liberty that is in contrast with most K-Pop acts that have been assembled and trained quite similar to them.

“Get in the Zone” is an all-digital song album that will be released on all online platforms of Sony Music Philippines this coming July 31.

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