Tuesday, July 21, 2020

CATRIONA GRAY Meets with NBI Regarding FAKE TOPLESS PHOTO Investigation

Not everything in life will be consistently great, even for a celebrity that has had a string of good luck from a significant achievement. Former Miss Universe (2018) Catriona Gray has certainly deserved all the blessings that came her way after becoming the fourth Miss Philippines to win Miss Universe (only a few years after the third), such as her inroads into the entertainment industry. Then there is her relationship with actor-recording artist Sam Milby which has also gotten them mired in some showbiz controversy. But that pales to the recent scandal of a manipulated photo distributed online which purportedly showed Catriona topless, something that she will not stand for.

The Philippine Star would have it that nationally-celebrated beauty queen Catriona Gray has gone straight to the national authorities with regards to the matter of her fake topless photo that has made the rounds of Pinoy social media haunts quite recently. She had planned to make a statement about it to the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) in order to get a criminal case started in tracking down the perpetrator of the controversial digital image and thus charge him accordingly.

On the morning of Tuesday, July 21, Gray explained her plans to the media present at her announcement as a community ambassador for the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). She, accompanied by Sam Milby and legal counsel Joji Alonso, would be conferring with NBI deputy director Vicente De Guzman to about getting complaint charges filed on the yet-unidentified digital artist that put her head on a topless body picture. Alonso last week has already given a statement on her client’s behalf about coordinating with law enforcement to uncover who was behind the scandalous fabricated image. “We want to inform the public that the photo is fake and digitally altered. We strongly denounce this vicious attempt to tarnish the good name of Ms. Gray,” Atty. Alonso had said of it.

Catriona Gray’s new role as with the DTI is as ambassador for the department’s longtime “One Town, One Product” initiative, which encourages community cooperatives to make and market products well-known in their hometowns for tourist consumers. As Catriona remarks, "[It] is a great way to promote the beauty of our fabric, support local communities and their livelihood and the best way to celebrate our handcrafts, arts and culture through weaving."

Image courtesy of Manila Bulletin


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