Friday, July 10, 2020

ALDEN RICHARDS Becomes Face of New DOH AntiCOVID Info Campaign BIDA

He is easily one of the most recognizable faces on a television screen that is not found on a news program. Alden Richards has been pretty ubiquitous as one of those “multimedia” stars, being actor, TV host, recording artist and a trusted face guaranteed to sell products. While the COVID-19 pandemic (again) has restricted the things he could do somewhat, Alden has never shied away at any opportunity to help out, even if he gets more exposure – of the media kind – as a bonus. That would explain why he is now the latest celebrity face to spearhead a DOH campaign.

As TV viewers must have already seen onscreen, and confirmed by The Manila Bulletin, the Department of Health (DOH) has tapped Alden Richards to be the face of their new public information and awareness campaign against the ravages of the novel coronavirus. The campaign is entitled “BIDA Solusyon sa COVID-19,” and the bida/”hero” imagery is plain to see in the comic-book visuals of the accompanying public service commercial starring Richards. Dressed in a campaign vest, he is hailed as the health department’s “BIDA Champion,” and in the PSA Alden re-presents the old health anti-COVID safety protocols in a more colorful way.

In an easily-memorable fashion, “BIDA” is an acronym for four key safety tips to guard against COVID-19 infection, as Richards and his front-liner companions demonstrate. “B” stands for “Bawal walang mask” (“No-Mask is prohibited”); “I” means “I-sanitize ang mga kamay; iwas-hawak sa mga bagay” (“Sanitize the hands; don’t touch anything”); “D” is “Dumistansya ng isang metro” (One-meter distancing”); and finally “A” reminds Filipinos to “Alamin ang totoong informasyon” (“Learn factual information”). To summarize, “BIDA” reiterates the adages of facemask use, hand-washing and minimized physical contact, physical distancing and making sure to get proper info.

If Filipinos are getting rather tired of the healthy protocol reminders as they have been echoed week after week since even before the community quarantines began in March, then perhaps hearing it one more time from Alden Richards might reinvigorate listeners to taking this precaution seriously. Only time will tell; but then it is Alden.

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