Tuesday, July 14, 2020


Sometimes just because something did not quite catch on the first time it was introduced, it does not mean that it is a failure that is best left behind so as to move on to something new and better. Perhaps if it were presented again at a later date, it could be in for a better reception than it did before. Several TV series and films may have had lackluster releases in their original formats, only to find a solid following once they are made digitally available on streaming media. Netflix, still the first name in worldwide digital streaming goodness, has done such to Filipino film “Through Night and Day.”

According to GMA News, the introduction of “Through Night and Day” from Viva Films and Octo Arts Films last July 8 has gotten a significant response from streaming audiences. The reception was even more pronounced than when the film was originally premiered in Philippine cinemas back in 2018. And with its sudden surge of popularity in Netflix, the romantic comedy starring Alessandra de Rossi and Paolo Contis has become a trending topic on the Filipino corner of social media since.

Lead actress Alessandra has taken note of the new appreciation for her tandem project with Paolo, and has stated as much on her post on Twitter. “#throughnightandday is still trending,” she wrote in Filipino. “Non-stop thanks for all who recommended and promoted.” She recalled the lackluster promotional efforts for “Through Night and Day” back in 2018 and opined that it was because she alone was actively hyping it. “It was because I was promoting it on my own before. I can’t really do that myself…Thank you again, my heart is melting, thank you for watching!”
The movie plot involves longtime boyfriend and girlfriend Ben (Contis) and Jen (de Rossi), who decide to celebrate 13 years of their relationship with a trip to Iceland. There they face a grueling experience that will test themselves and the bond they have built between them. Review comments on Netflix have viewers being high praises for the lead couple and their acting, and emotional commendations of the ultimately-bittersweet storyline. Thus far, “Through Night and Day” under director Veronica Velasco has been establishing a spot in the Top 10 Most-Watched Films for Netflix Philippines, along with “Ang Pangarap Kong Holdap,” another 2018 premiere from MAVX Productions which also starred Paolo Contis.

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