Monday, July 13, 2020

071420 Two Members of KPOP Group iKON Figure in SOUTH KOREA Car ACCIDENT with Minor INJURIES.docx

Among the top Korean pop music artists of the 2010s, boy band iKON is a long-runner. Debuting officially in 2015, they have been especially prominent in Japan in addition to their native South Korea, keeping busy with albums, singles and concert tours even as founding member B.I. parted ways with the group in June of last year. Their last big wave was in February this year, before the escalation of COVID-19, with the release of their third EP “I Decide.” iKON understandably went to ground with the rest of their country as the pandemic went on, but two of their members made South Korean news this week…in a road accident.

The Manila Bulletin reports that Jinhwan and Ju-ne of iKON were involved in a traffic accident at a highway in South Korea just this Monday, July 13. It happened early in the morning at 3:40 AM Seoul time (2:40 AM Manila time), when the two of them were aboard a van being driven by a third unidentified person, were navigating National Route 3 in Namhae County of South Gyeongsang province. Their vehicle skidded on the road and struck a retaining wall, just 314 kilometers away from the capital city, Seoul.

Responding units of the Namhae County police have it that Ju-ne, Jinhwan and their chauffeur were slightly injured in the collision and taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. Preliminary investigation at the accident site has also brought up the possibility that the drivermay have been under the influence of alcohol at the time he was behind the wheel. Perhaps it is for that reason that the K-Pop boy band’s management label at YG Entertainment has taken time releasing a statement on the incident, in order to have more time providing an appropriate explanation.

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