Friday, March 6, 2020


While it may be tiring now that every other news article on Morgan Magazine cannot seem to avoid mentioning the dreaded outbreak of the 2019 novel coronavirus, it cannot be helped due to the fact that its seemingly unstoppable spread – over 80 countries around the world at last count – has escalated concerns both in the social and economic spheres of mankind. Sporting events have been either postponed or cancelled, which bodes ill for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. And then there are the movie premieres that have been pushed back to later this year, though there are other movie releases that have resolved to stand fast.

On the side of the postponements, the 25th James Bond movie “No Time to Die” has been pushed by MGM, Universal and EON Productions from its original April date up to November 2020. According to CBS News, this announcement came about in light of Bond film producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli deciding after careful consideration to err on the side of caution. And this decision does not come lightly; the release delay is reported to cost the studio and production crew $30 million. But their study showed that if still released on April then “No Time to Die” will earn much less and lose more than 30 million.

This film is the final Bond movie to star Daniel Craig as Agent 007 James Bond, ever since his debut in 2006’s “Casino Royale,” which rebooted the franchise more significantly that past actor changes. Craig is third in the number of “James Bond” credits with five films, to Sean Connery’s six and Roger Moore’s seven.

While the British super-spy has figuratively gotten cold feet, another legend of the intelligence community in fiction looks determined to see its Q2 release date through, despite the still increasing number of COVID-19 infections. That would be “Black Widow,” the first movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe season 4. Comic Book Resources reports that the super-heroine spy portrayed by Scarlett Johansson is still pegging its premiere on May 1, during the summer period that sees the best box-office returns outside of the Holidays, if not, again, for the novel coronavirus.

“Black Widow” sees Johansson’s Natasha Romanov, ex-SHIELD agent and Avenger, returning to her homeland in Russia to take care of some unfinished business, alongside other agents of the Widow program. The film also stars Florence Pugh, David Harbour and Rachel Weisz under director Cate Shortland.

 “No Time to Die” on the other hand has Daniel Craig co-starring with Lea Seydoux, Rami Malek Lashana Lynch, Ralph Fiennes and Jeffrey Wright. New premiere dates are on November 12 (UK) and 25 (US).

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