Thursday, March 5, 2020


When the Miss Universe beauty pageant franchise broke away from longtime local partner Binibining Pilipinas to launch its own selection pageant competition, it was expected that they would begin establishing their own conventions to make itself distinct from its former pageant home. And under the guidance of Miss Universe Philippines national director Shamcey Supsup they look to be doing just that, by making the inaugural Miss Universe PH beauty pageant a miniature of the main international competition that it is sending the winner as a representative to. For one thing, the contestants will not all be using a common language.

GMA News reports that the Miss Universe Philippines (MUP) organization is going for a feel of the world in miniature when it comes to the presentation of its 51 competitors in their first pageant. They will do so by having each contestant converse in their mother dialect, in the same way that many representatives to the main Miss Universe beauty pageant either do not have a good command of English, or prefer to communicate in their own language. Thus, a special video of the MUP delegates recently uploaded online shows them making introductions in their respective dialects to the viewers.

This is an epic move for the Miss Universe Philippines pageant. It should be recalled that the 51 contestants for this debut competition are representing either each province of the Philippines, along with the major cities from Luzon, the Visayas and Mindanao. While there will be some crossover of dialects used (Miss Cebu City, Miss Cebu Province and Miss Davao City all use Cebuano), just the idea of the contestants taking pride in their tongues of birth (and practicing to use them in national-level pageantry) will make their respective bases of support swell with provincial and communal pride for sure.

The awesome introduction video was made possible by the MUP candidates taking to heart the advice of national director Shamcey Supsup, herself a former Miss Universe contestant representing the Philippines. Her informal directive was for the contestants to take pride in where they come from, and use the language or dialect they are most comfortable with. “If you speak Bisaya, don’t be afraid to speak in Bisaya,” she had said in interview referencing the contestants, and it looks like they have taken it to heart. One can only be excited for how their new lingual freedom will be put to use when the first Miss Universe Philippines beauty pageant happens at the Mall of Asia Arena this coming May 3.

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