Thursday, March 5, 2020


Just over two years ago, on November 2017, the “Anne-bitious” ABS-CBN personality Anne Curtis Smith was married to her non-showbiz boyfriend, food blogger and restaurateur Erwan Heussaff. It took them quite a while, but through the latter part of 2019 they were getting ready to welcome their first bundle of joy to complete their family. That precious gift arrived earlier this week, on March 2, when Anne and Erwan were blessed with a daughter, their firstborn child. While the following days after the birth had the new parents keep things intimately private, by Friday they were ready to share photos of their adorable baby online.

And so they did as CNN Philippines has it, with the personal social media pages of Anne Curtis Smith-Heussaff and Erwan Heussaff seeing uploads, only this March 6, of teasing images for the newest member of their family, little Dahlia Amelie Heussaff. Anne’s photo of her baby, on Instagram, showed only the back of her head in profile; while Erwan’s offering, on his Facebook account focused instead on her dainty baby feet (with her upper body and face out of focus). Needless to say, the happy couple’s captions were gushing over their greatest life blessing.

Curtis Smith’s commentary wondered at how much love she is able to feel and give to her daughter. “It’s an unexplainable kind of love,” she wrote. “It’s so overwhelming and fills your heart to the brim with pure happiness.” Over on Facebook, her husband remarked that he was overwhelmed by the affection he feels for both Anne and Dahlia. “I also had no idea that I could fall in even more in love with my wife,” said Erwan. “Anne was so impressive throughout her pregnancy and labor and I will forever be in her debt.”

By the way, the choice for Dahlia Heussaff’s name was pure showbiz magic on the part of Anne Curtis. She got that from the name of the princess character she portrayed in the 1997 Metro Manila Film Fest entry from Viva Films, the fantasy adventure “Magic Kingdom.” It is obviously too early to tell if the choosing is indicative of what future path the parents will have for the youngest Heussaff, but one does wonder. For now, Erwan and Anne are content to be Papa Wolf and Mama Bear for their little one to plan ahead for that long period.

Image courtesy of Manila Bulletin


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