Friday, March 6, 2020

“DUCKTALES” Reboot SEASON 3 Returning to DISNEY XD this APRIL

Nostalgia can be a powerful tool when planning to revive an old pop entertainment franchise. Disney’s 1987-90 animated series “DuckTales” received a reboot that started in 2017, and can serve as a textbook example of doing a series revival right. Not only did it capture the spirit of the original cartoons, the modernizations and additions to the mythos improved the viewing experience and helped catch more numbers of old and new fans. Season 2 of the revival ended on Disney Channel back in September of last year, with a third season confirmed even before that finale. But only this week was the return premiere confirmed.

Comic Book Resources tells us that there is actually only one month left before the new “DuckTales” series gets viewers all “Woo-oo!” once more, and back on the channel where it started too: Disney XD. Season 3 of the reboot – which has been nominated in the Daytime Emmy Awards for two years in a row – is set to premiere on Disney XD with a two-episode special timeslot this coming April 4. It will also be available on the TV everywhere app DisneyNow, which unifies streaming content from XD and sister networks Disney Channel and Junior.

The next season of “DuckTales” sees the Duck Family of the larger Clan McDuck reunited for the first time in so long. Della is with her children Huey, Dewey and Louie again, though their Uncle Donald is not about to stop being their parental figure anytime soon. They are all also still staying with (great-) Uncle Scrooge at his Duckburg Manor, from which they are off to more new adventures around the world and off it. But the family is also in the greatest danger yet, with the reveal that criminal syndicate FOWL has infiltrated Scrooge’s company and has marked all of them for termination.

One big part of why old-time fans took to the “DuckTales” reboot is in how it is making connections to the settings of past cartoon series in the 1990s Disney Afternoon syndicated block, rather similar to the “shared universe” concept used in the MCU. This explains why another DA star, Darkwing Duck, is a prominent supporting character from season 2. He will also be joined by other notable characters from such classic TV offerings as “TaleSpin” and more. New fans are also hooked by the talented voice cast, particularly “Hamilton” followers since Lin-Manuel Miranda is voicing Fenton Crackshell-Cabrera aka Gizmoduck.

Look forward to these new characters with fairly high-profile voice talent including Selma Blair, Clancy Brown, Giancarlo Esposito, James Marsters and many others. Disney XD is proud to welcome back “DuckTales” season 3 next month.

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