Monday, March 9, 2020


“No one memes like Gaston; steals a scene like Gaston. No one gets his own Disney+ show like Gaston!” If you are a fan of Disney’s modern classic 1991 animated film “Beauty and the Beast,” which itself was remade into live-action back in 2017, then you can tell that the above is a paraphrase for several lines in the character song of the main antagonist Gaston. Altering the lyrics of the titular “Gaston” song became briefly popular in 2016 when an Atlantic tropical storm was given that name. Anyway, the paraphrased line is apparently true: Gaston is going to Disney+.

While the idea of giving a prequel show starring the bad guy of a Disney classic cartoon movie sounds pretty much out there, The Hollywood Reporter tells us that it is indeed true. Disney+ has engaged the services of Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis to develop such a show. TV hounds would recognize them as the creators of ABC’s “modern fairy-tale” fantasy series “Once Upon a Time,” which gave a contemporary adult spin to the stories of the various animated films from the Disney Canon. As the cherries on top, the streaming service is also talking to Luke Evans and Josh Gad to reprise their roles as Gaston and sidekick LeFou from the 2017 adaptation.

Details provided by Disney+ would have it that this “Beauty and the Beast” streaming spinoff will run only six episodes. But the key element is that the show will be a musical like its original inspiration, so one can imagine some of the numbers from both the animated movie and its live-action remake to get a feel for such a spinoff, even if it is being headlined by “Gaston.” That would require a composer to make those song numbers happen, and Disney is also in talks with Alan Menken there.

So far, the only confirmed details for the Disney+ “Gaston” limited series is that Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz are the show-runners, and that they are part of a four-man executive producing team that includes Josh Gad and Luke Evans, Gad will also take his turn writing for the show alongside Horowitz and Kitsis, while the production will be under ABC Signature Studios. There is no word on whether other stars from the live-action “Beauty and the Beast” such as Emma “Belle” Watson and Dan “Beast” Stevens will be involved, though there is always the possibility of a cameo appearance.

General plot details are not known, though apparently “Gaston” will be a prequel taking place before the events of the original film story. That would explain why it will only last six episodes barring extensions.

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