Tuesday, March 3, 2020

“CHROMATICA” is the Title of LADY GAGA’s Latest ALBUM, APRIL 10

Think of American singer Lady Gaga and the first visual thing to mind will be her penchant for the most out-there performance costumes ever. It is amazing just how intense she could be on stage with her various avant-garde clothing ensembles, such as her Super Bowl LI halftime show in 2017. Of course, when necessary she can still rock out even in fairly normal clothing, such as her lead acting debut in 2018’s “A Star is Born,” along with many of her promotion pieces for that musical drama. But Gaga does not let her fans forget she is the costumed Mother Monster, as with the music video for “Stupid Love.”

That song, debuted this past February 25, is the lead single for Lady Gaga’s sixth and latest full album according to CNN, the title of which was hinted at in artwork for “Stupid Love” and confirmed Monday, March 2. On her official Twitter page, Gaga bid her fans welcome to “Chromatica,” and while the accompanying image according to her is not the official album cover, she does hope the little Monsters enjoy it. Said image, a stylized silhouette of her face wearing a headset, could be her new personal logo.
“Joanne” was Lady Gaga’s last studio album, which was released back in 2016. Between then and the announcement of “Chromatica” now, she had been busy as stated before with not just her Super Bowl LI halftime performance, and her starring role alongside Bradley Cooper for “A Star is Born” from Warner Bros., but also for “Enigma,” her residency show at Las Vegas’ MGM Park Theater, which started on December 2018 and will run until May of this year. All of these were time well spent for Gaga, especially considering she won Best Original Song in the 91st Academy Awards in 2019 for the single “Shallow” from “A Star is Born.”

With Lady Gaga and Bloodpop as executive producers, fans can be sure that “Chromatica” is a return to form for her in synth pop genre domination including her flashy costume specialty, as seen in the “Stupid Love” music video with the singer dressed in pink along with her backup ensemble dancing in front of the Trona Pinnacles in the California desert. One can expect more of this with the other songs in the album once “Chromatica” releases on April 10.

Image courtesy of Veriety


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