Wednesday, February 26, 2020

“THE BACHELOR” Producers on ABC Start CASTING Call for Possible SPINOFF Edition with SENIOR Participants

When one thinks of the reality dating-relationship show “The Bachelor” on ABC, it is plain that the now-multi-program franchise was built on eye-candy and fan-service. Whether it is the classic format of a hot guy surrounded by sexy babes vying to avoid elimination and be the last remaining contender to become his girlfriend, or the reverse of a single lady fawned over by an army of hunks in the distaff “Bachelorette” spinoff, the idea is popular enough to be played out in numerous variations and in different international editions too. But the core concept of hot young adults trying to find “love” is a constant.

But as tells us, looking for love on TV should not be an exclusive opportunity for fresh faces with the future still ahead of them. Producers of the 24-season ABC reality long-runner have begun posting a casting call on social media for a new “Bachelor” spinoff. And it can only be one of those if the image tweeted by ABC reality programming boss Robert Mills is any indication. What sets this in-development dating-romance gig from mainstream “The Bachelor” is that the casting will be for seniors looking for love.
As Mills exclaims in his tweet caption, “Give us your Grumpiest Old Men, give us your Golden-est Girls.” That is a far cry from the usual “Bachelor” denizens who can go as young as early 20s. The producers do have the caveat that seniors interested in going for casting in this show must be active and outgoing, so at least that would filter out old people who have chosen to slow down on life. The minimum casting age of 65 years does narrow things down. One cannot help but ask if there will be an audience who will watch the dating travails of silver foxes.

It is likely that beyond this initial announcement fishing for contestants willing to be cast, there will not be much of any additional news regarding the “Bachelor for Seniors” spinoff until a few months from now at minimum. Then current season of the main “Bachelor” show, number 24, has only premiered in the 6th of January last month, with 30 women angling to get the Final Rose from Delta Airlines pilot Peter Weber, age 28. The season will have its finale next month on ABC.

Image courtesy of Yahoo! News


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