Monday, February 24, 2020

“SUPERGIRL” Ponders WHAT IF Scenarios Concerning LENA in 100th EPISODE

This past Sunday saw a momentous milestone for one of the DC superhero series comprising the “Arrow” verse in The CW: “Supergirl” starring Melissa Benoist. While it is currently in the middle of its fifth season, in terms of the entire series run the episode that aired February 23 is the 100th total. It is therefore an easy bet that it will feature a special storyline, as evidenced when Mr. Mxyzptlk (Thomas Lennon) appears before Kara (Benoist) at the end of the previous episode. What we get is a Super retooling of “It’s a Wonderful Life” that is dark, gritty, and just what Kara needs to re-evaluate a broken friendship.

Comic Book Resources tells us that Episode 100 of “Supergirl,” titled “It’s a Super Life,” sees Melissa Benoist’s Kara Danvers/Supergirl explore two possibilities of how she might have salvaged the tear-jerking deterioration of her close friendship with Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath), who post “Crisis on Infinite Earths” is now aligned with her brother Lex Luthor (Jon Cryer) with his plans for National City, and is hostile to Supergirl. The other-dimensional trickster Mxyzptlk offers Kara the chance to see how things turn out if she had shared her secret identity with Lena before their falling out.

So Mxy subjects Kara to several alternate timelines where she tells Lena about being Supergirl. Unfortunately while this action averts some “canon” disasters, the alternate problems that appear come off as worse, ending in either Kara or Lena’s death. In one, where she came clean not long after they first met and became friends, Lena is targeted by a disgruntled Ben Lockwood (Sam Witwer) who blames Supergirl for leading his family to commit suicide as part of the Cult of Rao. To spare Lena from being tortured for her secret, Kara revealed her Earth identity to the public, only for Lockwood to counter by having all persons who ever knew her murdered with no survivors.

This particular outcome pushes Kara to have Mxy show her an alternate timeline where she never allowed Lena to learn who she was. This time, Lena grows to become a Lex Luthor-esque super-villain lording over National City with a bloody fist. Concluding that all her interactions with Lena are doomed to have dire consequences, Kara opts to keep her timeline unchanged, but fueled with new resolve she confronts Lena and says she will no longer feel guilt for her choices that caused Lena to turn against her, just as she will hold Lena accountable for any plans she makes with her brother Lex, and treat her as any other villain if she causes great harm.

Only time will tell how this moves Kara and Lena’s fractious relationship forward as Supergirl continues to navigate the world of Earth-Prime where her cousin’s arch-enemy is perceived as a hero and is hand in hand with his sister in whatever plans he makes. “Supergirl” airs Sundays on The CW.

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