Sunday, February 9, 2020


In 1965, a band was formed in Hanover, Germany that would decades later be hailed as one of the most successful musical groups to come out of continental Europe. Despite some roster changes and shifts in its musical style with the passing of time, the Scorpions were able to build a truly international fandom, thanks to their memorable rock songs such as “Rock You Like a Hurricane.” Major music media outlets such as “Rolling Stone” and MTV have described them as either “Heroes of Heavy Metal” or “Ambassadors of Rock.” And now, as part of their latest tour they are coming to the Philippines too. has it that Metro Manila will be one of the stops for legendary German rock band the Scorpions on their “Crazy World” concert tour, in honor of their 1990 album which will be turning 30 years old later this year in November. Their local concert organizing partner is Insignia Presents, which will be prepping the SM Mall of Asia Arena for a one-night concert this coming March. This is a prime time for many Filipinos to get their classic rock on, seeing as Scorpions songs are popular in karaoke selections, “oldie” radio airplay and music on overland bus trips.

Indeed, almost nobody who grew up during the timeframe of the mid-sixties to as late as the 1990s would have missed repeatedly hearing signature songs from the Scorpions. Their memorable hits range from poignant post-love song “Still Loving You,” to their ode to the collapse of Soviet Communism and governmental reforms in the 80s-90s that is “Wind of Change.” This song was the centerpiece of their “Crazy World” album, which the tour is centered on. Tickets for the concert at MOA Arena are already on websites for Insignia Presents and SM Tickets, as well as ticketing outlets of the latter.

Upon the conclusion of their “Crazy World” tour the Scorpions, currently consisting of Klaus Meine (lead singer), Rudolf Schenker (rhythm guitar), Matthias Jabs (lead guitar), Pawel Maciwoda (bass guitar) and Mikkey Dee (drums), will set up shop in Las Vegas starting this July for their residency show, “Sin City Nights.”

Image: Mall of Asia Arena


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