Friday, February 7, 2020


Nowadays, savvy travellers are well aware that there is a lot more to the quality of a hospitality venue such as a hotel or an inn than just the size and service. There is also the price to consider, and also the fine balance between being away from the busy and noisy urban center but still within easy distance of it. That is the reason many small hotels and inns actually get good patronage, especially if they have the high standards of any regular hotel. Now there are a lot of them now, but let this point out one that guests would most definitely enjoy.

Along Yumang Street, not far and across the street from the Saint Michael the Archangel Parish Church, One may find Princess Inn GenSan, a quaint but classy and affordable accommodation for travellers looking for a clean and quiet place to stay. Following a period of renovation, the Princess Inn has been re-launched, better than ever before in terms of price, comfort and amenities. Speaking of which, the Princess Inn prides itself on being able to accommodate guests with their own vehicles, featuring parking spaces both outside the gate and in the interior court as well.

Within, the Princess Inn can give patrons quite the homey feel with the arrangement of its 13 deluxe rooms. Nine of them are at the ground floor, with access doors all facing into the inner court. An additional four more are located on the second floor, accessible just past the cozy common sitting area and affording guests with a nice balcony view of quiet Yumang Street which connects the Barangay San Isidro main roads of Aparente Blvd. and Dacera Street, both of which head right back into the city proper.

And what rooms the Princess Inn has to offer for guests! Deluxe rooms are P700 a night and the roomier Matrimonial accommodations are but P800, all air-conditioned and of incredibly reasonable rates. Anyone who stays over will certainly think so once they have amenities are in store aside from the spotless furnishings and beds with clean linens. Each room has a wall-mounted flat-screen TV with cable, showers with hot and cold water, and free Wi-Fi internet. Guests are provided with free bottled distilled water per room, along with toiletries. They can even request for coffee to be prepared if desired.

If it were any other small lodging venue, the Princess Inn would already be a prime choice to bed down overnight. But it also offers extra services that one might expect from any well-appointed hotel. They provide laundry and ironings services upon request. The same goes for arranging transport to pick up from or drop off at the General Santos International Airport. If travellers from out of town are interested in spending more time in GenSan, they can book their rooms for long-term rental. Catering services are also available, and if vacancies are permitting then the entire venue can be rented exclusively to house a larger party or guest delegation.

As stated, Princess Inn GenSan is conveniently located along Yumang Street not far from the Saint Michael Parish Church of Barangay San Isidro. Inquiries and reservations can be done at this number: 0939-929-1067. For more information, Princess Inn Gensan has its own official Facebook page.

Images: Princess Inn GenSan Facebook


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