Thursday, February 27, 2020

Next “SIMPSONS” Episode Pokes FUN at MARVEL Movies Under DISNEY

When it comes to taking shots at notable pop culture developments in the real world, no TV series have been quite as beloved in doing so like long-running animated sitcom “The Simpsons.” This was made evident in the wake of the acquisition by Disney of the media assets of Fox, of which it was one of the media content included. Homer Simpson welcoming the new “Disney overlords” in a short clip was a mere taste of the lampooning potential for “The Simpsons” being under Disney. Now the gloves are off with the reveal of the upcoming episode for their ongoing 31st season, airing next Sunday.

Gamespot tells us that the 14 episode of season 31 (676th episode overall) for “The Simpsons” on Fox will be giving a big sendup to the major multi-movie franchises churned out by its fellow subsidiary IPs under the massive umbrella of Disney, namely a parody of Marvel and its Cinematic Universe. That much is plain to see in the promotional image for the episode entitled “Bart the Bad Guy,” originally announced back in October 2019. This time, the parody poster drops an epic hint to what the official synopsis from Fox means in the storyline.

According to Fox, “Bart the Bad Guy” sees “Simpsons” lead kid Bart Simpson hitting a jackpot when by accident he gets to screen a certain superhero movie way before it was supposed to arrive in cinemas. The result: he knows what is going to happen in what should be a highly-anticipated blockbuster. In this present-day world with a pervasive social media and easy digital exchange of information, if Bart decides to share inside details to what happens in that film, the fandom will be spoiled. Thus Bart becomes Spoiler Boy, and it is up to the movie’s executive and creative people to shut him up.
With just one glance at the poster anyone can tell that the in-universe movie Bart Simpson can spoil is a pastiche of the Marvel MCU, with a many-chinned Thanos/Chinnos, Iron Man, a voodoo-practicing Doctor Strange and an Aztec Thor in humorous evidence. But here is the fun part. Guest stars voicing the film executives going after Spoiler Boy are Joe and Anthony Russo, directors of “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Avengers: Endgame.” Marvel chief creative officer and studio head Kevin Feige will also voice Chinnos, along with Cobie “Maria Hill” Smulders as Hydrangea, a female Groot.

Having hit television way back in 1989, “The Simpsons” on Fox currently holds the record for most episodes in a scripted primetime show (passing “Gunsmoke” two years ago). “The Simpsons” S31’s “Bart the Bad Guy” airs March 1 on Fox.

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