Sunday, February 2, 2020


To say that Squaresoft’s (now Square Enix’s) 1997 videogame “Final Fantasy VII” on the first Sony PlayStation console significantly redefined how gamers saw the Japanese-made role-playing game (JRPG) genre on electronic entertainment is selling it incredibly short. It was the game that made story-driven game titles, featuring memorable characters and settings, advanced graphics and quality music, the norm for big-budget videogame development. Square Enix has since tapped into “FFVII” nostalgia in gamers by announcing a remake for the PlayStation 4 in 2015, though the wait has been long since then. But now that the release date has been pegged for April, Square Enix has given patients fans another epic trailer.

According to IGN, Square Enix unleashed a new preview for the “Final Fantasy VII Remake” on the Sony PlayStation 4 Saturday, February 1, again reviving the hype of fans that have awaited the long-promised game for four years. While past trailers have focused either on the incredible graphical  or the revamped gameplay mechanics from the 1997 original, this one actually delves into the plot backstory, showcasing several familiar story sequences such as an extended flashback, a hilarious side quest, and in-depth looks at the high-definition redesigns of several secondary antagonists.

The preview starts out with a flashback sequence showing main playable character Cloud Strife and his childhood friend Tifa Lockhart, where a young Cloud tells Tifa his plan to move from their small town to the city of Midgar, where he would join the SOLDIER program of the Shinra Power Company. Longtime fans would know how that plays out, so the cut-scene moves on to the present day where Cloud and Tifa try to infiltrate a sleazy club owner’s place…by having Cloud cross-dress as a girl. Then there is a segment showing the Shinra Company’s sinister higher-ups, each with their own twisted personalities and quirks.

But the trailer really picks up when it starts showing some of the plot changes the “FFVII Remake” puts in to expand the original story arc in Midgar, where it served as the first hour or two of the 1997 title into a standalone game, the first in a multi-episode game epic. It also helps that the latter half is scored with a neat new rendition of the boss battle theme, “Those Who Fight Further” by returning music composer Nobuo Uematsu. Another change is the earlier prominent appearances of the main villains Sephiroth and Jenova.

With such an extravagantly crafted trailer, a release date for “Final Fantasy VII Remake” will not be long now, seeing as how the Square Enix production team has pushed it back several times. The latest was in early January this year, when it was moved from March to April 10, this time set for sure.

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