Thursday, February 27, 2020


It is technically close to a week now since a little bit of planning, a little bit of secrecy and plenty of gutsy determination led to singing-acting sensation Sarah Geronimo and her fiancĂ©, actor Matteo Guidicelli, finally tying the know last week Thursday, February 20, after a long-running relationship and announcing their engagement November 2019. While the ceremony itself went off without a hitch, the immediate aftermath saw a little incident that may have justified the now-newlywed couple’s decision for subterfuge. With the excitement having calmed days following the wedding, we can take stock now of the circumstances surrounding the Sarah-Matteo union, before and after.

Fans of Sarah G are aware that, despite now being in her thirties her love life has been under the scrutiny of her parents, particularly her mother Divina. The Geronimo matriarch has been notably unimpressed with her daughter getting together with Matteo Guidicelli, and only became colder to the pair following their engagement, despite Matteo’s ultimately futile attempts to gain her blessing for his marrying Sarah. Realizing that “Mommy Divine” would not be moved from her position, the showbiz power couple decided to take things into their own hands with a private wedding, attended primarily by Guidicelli’s family and friends.

With how Mrs. Geronimo made something of a scene when she arrived later on that Thursday evening, it is difficult to fault Sarah and Matteo for going behind her back to get married. While it is a parent’s right to think always of their children’s future and to want only the best for them in life, it must be pointed out that Sarah is well and truly an adult also entitled to make decisions about how she will live her own life. She knows she will be happy together with Guidicelli and her gumption in making it so last week is something to be appreciated.

Her now-husband Matteo is not one to be passive about the whole thing either. In the days following that initially-secret wedding, he has been doing impressive information-sharing with the fan community regarding the events of the ceremony, his feelings for Sarah, and the things they are doing as priority to establish their new married life. An Instagram post this past Wednesday, February 26 by Vicky Belo showed her accompanying the Guidicellis as they bought kitchen and dining wares for their new house. It is difficult to deny how spirited the two are, taking their new status both heart-warming and serious.

And it is not like they are not alone in their happiness. Plenty of their showbiz friends especially from the Kapamilya Network have gone up to bat for their love and their future together. Even several notable stage mothers have shared their own opinions on what Sarah and Matteo have wrought, as well as examining where Mommy Divine is coming from with her vocal disapproval. Things have been very much in the favor of Mr. and Mrs. Guidicelli, and here is hoping it will continue being that way for them.

In closing, we wish Matteo Guidicelli and Sarah Guidicelli, nee Geronimo, the best of luck for Tomorrow. Keep fighting even when it hurts; fight on until it hurts no more.

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