Thursday, February 20, 2020


“Amicable exes” is one of the most positively heartwarming things to see when it comes to the entertainment industry. Seeing a romantic tandem, whether it began onscreen or off, or both, still remaining chummy with one another even after the love has gone and they have moved on, can certain warm one’s heart and leave a promise that perhaps they might work well together again (if only in casting at least). Such could be said for Julia Barretto, who considers herself a shipper on deck for her own ex Joshua Garcia, now that he is successfully paired with Janella Salvador.

The Manila Bulletin reports that actress Julia Barretto, who will be starring in an upcoming streaming series on iWant, is nothing less than pleased with how the love team between her former showbiz pairing and real-life boyfriend Joshua Garcia and Janella Salvador have become an established love team. She said as much during interview for the media launch event of “I AM U,” an iWant Original streaming thriller series debuting next week. She also deflected speculation that she and co-lead star Tony Labrusca are forming a new love team of their own while working on set for the streaming series.

Barretto, age 22, notes that she is proud at how far Joshua has gone in his career, even after their on-and-off-screen relationship no longer is. She calls herself one of his “cheerleaders,” who had seen his growth as an actor from the start. Julia also has fond words for Janella, one of her best friends in her reckoning. Recalling how they once shared with one another their dreams, ambitions and goals in the showbiz industry, the Kapamilya star says of Salvador, “Just watching her, being able to do those things, I’m proud of her, and I’ve been praying for her.”

Julia Barretto is also of the opinion that she has now outgrown the “love team” dynamic which pairs young talents together as romantic leads in film or television, with a chance of them forming real relationships afterward. Thus she tells fans that there is nothing between her and Tony Labrusca despite starring opposite one another in “I AM U.” She only remarks, “At this point, I feel I’m just very, very grateful that I’ve been trusted with projects that are not the usual that I’ve done before.” In the thriller series, Barretto plays a double role of a woman stalked and tormented by a lookalike jealous of her blessed life. The rather appropriately-titled “I AM U” premieres on iWant streaming next Wednesday on February 26.

Image from ABS-CBN News


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