Thursday, February 13, 2020

IKEA Postpones FIRST Philippine STORE OPENING at MOA to 2021

Alternately praised for their selection of ready-to-assemble furniture and items, and mocked as a meme target for the same things, the European RTA manufacturing giant IKEA proves that it has a significant market presence throughout the world that it can easily be recognized for such actions. Amazingly, that global presence has not included the Philippines. In November of 2018 IKEA took its first step into the Filipino market by starting construction of a store as part of the SM Mall of Asia. Once completed, they will be that mall’s biggest tenant. It is now February 2020, and that massive IKEA store has not yet finished.

ABS-CBN News reports that IKEA has had to push back the planned opening of their first and (thus far) biggest ready-to-assemble furniture store here in the Philippines. Originally projected to be open for business this year, after the announcement of its construction in 2018, some “construction adjustments” have forced the global furniture brand to postpone their launch to sometime in 2021. This was the estimate given by George Platzer, market development manager for IKEA Southeast Asia. He could not disclose specific details only that while construction of the store looks to be in great shape there needed to be some changes done to the project.

The original dimensions given for the IKEA Store on SM Mall of Asia have been eye-popping: 65,000 square meters of total floor area, able to fit up to 200 basketball courts. It would have five stories with two for commercial retail and the rest for warehousing and the operation of e-commerce and call center facilities. No less than 9,000 individual IKEA products would be on offer at the store once opened, and it will be able to cater to customers in the Greater Manila Area or about 6 million people.

George Platzer notes that IKEA’s Philippine offices are determined to make sure that no further “opening changes” will alter the new launch year of 2021 for their MOA store. The project, costing P7 billion earmarked by IKEA Southeast Asia, is said to be massive enough to offer, at minimum 500 regular store employees and unspecified numbers of additional logistics staff.

Image from Real Living Philippines


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