Tuesday, February 4, 2020


Netflix might still be alive and dominating, but there is no denying that the online digital streaming market and user-base has its eye on Disney+, the upstart new service that is offering the best content from decades of history not only from the House of Mouse itself but its various media subsidiaries such as Lucasfilm and Marvel. But in its intent to remain truly family-friendly, Disney+ is skipping out on certain content that therefore goes somewhere else. That would be Hulu, the once-joint venture streaming platform by Disney, NBC Universal and News Corporation, but now majority Disney-owned. The problem is Hulu serves only the US.

But for many binge-watchers outside America and around the world who are curious as to what can be viewed streaming on Hulu, there might be good news in the horizon. The Verge tells us that there is now a concrete goal to expand the reach of Hulu to the global binge-watching community, even if it was not able to go at full steam due to parent company Disney prioritizing the launch and establishment of presence for its namesake platform Disney+. But even then, Hulu could be an international streaming service as early as in 2021.

Disney CEO Bob Iger explains the delay as necessary to iron out and finalize all deals and agreements regarding licensing for as much of the available digital content on Hulu as to make it marketable for subscription outside the US. He also said that the year 2021 is not the final fixed timeframe for international Hulu. There is also the matter of some new regulations being enacted by the European Union that could add more content matching considerations at least in that corner of the world. The imposition that all non-EU streaming services must provide 30% European-produced content on their online libraries to be allowed to operate within the EU has not been positively received.

In recent developments on Hulu, its CEO Randy Freer has announced his departure from the post even as Disney has reorganized the platform’s place in its media umbrella, wherein the Hulu leadership will now be under the purview of the Disney direct-to-consumer division. This is however considered a key step towards accelerating the spread of Hulu worldwide. As for Disney+, the next major market to have it available will be India, this coming March 29.

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