Friday, February 14, 2020


Really, the story of a singing sensation sing out in public, getting video footage of his or her performance going viral, being invited to guest at shows and possibly getting a recording contract with a label has been played out repeatedly that it should no longer be surprising. Still, there are variations to the tale, such as said talented (if differently-abled) singer already having competed in a televised competition, before a video of him flexing his vocals spurs a talk show host to invite him over. That has happened now with blind Cebuano singer Carl Malone Montecido, who is being asked to go on “Ellen.”

The Philippine Star has it that Carl Malone Montecido, the blind prodigy singing talent from Bacolod who has been a repeat entry on several singing contests of ABS-CBN, has now been invited by Ellen DeGeneres to go on her show. While Montecido has already become a familiar enough image on Philippine TV and social media, the invite only came about following the viral status of a Facebook video post a week ago from a Trixie Madison, who recorded Carl Malone singing a karaoke rendition of Sam Smith’s “Too Good at Goodbyes” at an SM Mall.

Since then, Madison’s FB video of Montecido has garnered over 550,000 likes/reactions, 46,000 comments and 398,000 shares on the major social network. The footage has since migrated to other social media platforms, with British singer Sam Smith himself commenting on the awesome cover of his hit song over at Twitter. His gushing review of Carl Malone’s talent, which he described as “out of this universe,” has been concurred by the likes of Kelly Clarkson. Several comments on Smith’s and Clarkson’s Twitter accounts have routed the video to @TheEllenShow, and it looks like DeGeneres has responded with her invite to Montecito.

It is not as if Carl Malone Montecito has only come into prominence recently. He has a solid foundation for his celebrity already that started when he joined the inaugural season of “Pilipinas Got Talent” on ABS-CBN in 2010. He was just a boy then. Years later, in 2016, he awed Kapamilya viewers again when he competed in “Tawag ng Tanghalan” on “It’s Showtime.” Since then the “Blind Balladeer of Bacolod” has been in other singing competitions outside the country, while maintaining a regular social media presence with help from friends and family to communicate. His being invited to “Ellen,” like Charice Pempengco before becoming Jake Zyrus speaks of a promise to greater singing fame for him in the future.

Image courtesy of ABS-CBN News


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