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ABS-CBN has never been one to shy from portraying controversy, real or fictional, on their programming. For example, many of the characters and plot arcs featured on their primetime tele-serye “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano” have elicited reactions ranging from raised eyebrows to threats from the PNP to pull out creative support for unflattering portrayals. But their more recent war drama soap, “A Soldier’s Heart,” looks to top that with its story beats of Islamist militant extremists, bloody battle scenes and the dark secrets of the military. Yet somehow, this tele-serye has gotten the thumbs up from real-life soldiers, despite all that.

Three army soldiers have reached out to the Kapamilya Network to voice their praise for the handling of the subjects of military life and their struggle against insurgency in “A Soldier’s Heart” according to ABS-CBN News. Their reactions to the primetime series were recorded by the network and edited into a special reaction video, detailing the thoughts of two non-commissioned personnel, Corporal Jovelyn Gonzaga and Staff Sergeant Joey De Guzman, and an officer, Captain Jeffrey Buada, regarding “A Soldier’s Heart.”

Corporal Gonzaga noted how the episode scenes showing the intense and brutal training of the Army soldier characters were a stark reminder of her own experiences. “For six months I trained,” she relates. “I’ve been there. You experience not bathing for three days, waking up at 4AM and sleeping at 10PM. It was worth it because it shaped your personality and perspective on life. SSgt. De Guzman adds that he was deeply affected by the battle scenes where the main characters are under heavy fire, as he himself has been put in danger and became a battle casualty, losing one of his hands. “It’s like I remember what happened in Jolo,” he says. “I lost my left hand…But my disability doesn’t hinder me from serving the country. Life goes on.”

The storyline death of Cpl. Arguelles (Ketchup Eusebio) was what stood out for Capt. Buada in watching “A Soldier’s Heart,” due to how similar the circumstances were to when he lost one of his own men in a combat situation. “It hurts to see comrades fall,” muses Buada. “When we hear that they did not survive, every time we remember that we feel sick again.” All in all, the three Army personnel were very positive with how their dangerous lives are portrayed in the tele-serye, even if the similar Islamist threat is fictional in nature.

“A Soldier’s Heart” stars Gerald Anderson, Carlo Aquino, Vin Abrenica, Sue Ramirez, Ariel Rivera, Rommel Padilla, Irma Adlawan, Mickey Ferriols and much more. The series airs weekday nights on ABS-CBN.

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