Wednesday, February 19, 2020


Even though One Direction, the boy band that made him and his mates into household names in the UK and the world, has been on indefinite hold since 2016, Harry Styles has been a very busy entertainer. He has released his own solo music to great success and even broke into an unexpected corner in acting with “Dunkirk” in 2017. His second album released last year is the current biggest sales debut for a UK music artist in the US. Everything has been swimming for Styles, which is why it was great fortune indeed that made it through a recent robbery attempt unscathed.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Harry Styles found himself Friday last week at the end of a knife in a robbery that took place right in London. The exact details only began to leak out following the one Direction member and solo artist’s appearance this Tuesday, February 19, at the 2020 BRIT Awards also at the capital of the UK. A statement from the London Metropolitan Police explains that at 11:30PM London time of February 14, Harry Styles was accosted on a Hampstead street by an assailant armed with a knife.

It was a robbery attempt and the suspect demanded Styles give him his money. The One Direction member never spoke of the incident publicly, but inside sources described the occurrence as the recording artist keeping a cool head, talking and acting in a way to calm his robber down, and quickly giving up his pocket cash without fuss. Even so, Harry was said to have been “shaken up” once the threat had passed. London police were contacted shortly after, in early Saturday of February 15. So far Styles’ assailant remains at large with his stolen money, and investigations are ongoing regarding his identity and whereabouts.

That was not the only misfortune linked to Harry Styles over the weekend. On Saturday itself his former, older girlfriend Caroline Flack, one-time host of “Love Island UK” on ITV, was found dead in her northeast London home, apparently of suicide. Flack and Styles had a brief relationship back in 2011, which generated controversy due to their generational gap of 14 years (at the time she was 31, he 17). Styles wore a black ribbon on his suit when he walked the red carpet of the 2020 BRIT Awards in her memory. He also performed a number during the ceremony.

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