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For those who have been keeping up in Filipino superhero movies, yes there is a new upcoming film for iconic Mars Ravel heroine, Darna. Said feature will be coming from Star Cinema, and is being directed by Jerrold Tarog of “Heneral Luna” and “Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral” fame, having taken up the project following the departure of filmmaker Erik Matti. It is also starring Star Magic talent and TV actress Jane de Leon, who had replace Liza Soberano in the lead role after an injury and surgery. What is not known is: When does shooting actually begin? It started Sunday.
As ABS-CBN News has it, Star Cinema finally got the ball rolling on filming for the latest upcoming adaptation of “Darna.” The word came out from director Jerrold Tarog himself, posted on his Instagram page. His update was a photo with a movie camera in the background, with a Funko Pop vinyl figure of Darna in the foreground. His caption only read “Day 1,” but it leaves no doubt whatsoever as to what he means. Immediately fans of the filmmaker, who became a prominent showbiz figure because of his historical films, went on Instagram to congratulate him and express support.

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While Tarrog is already something of an old hand in major big-budget movie-making, this will be the first major starring role in the big screen for Jane de Leon, age 20 as of her turn to put on Darna’s iconic red bikini costume and headdress. Her prior TV roles have included drama “Halik” and urban fantasy tele-serye “La Luna Sangre.” With the latter at least she has experience in fantastical plot elements and working with special effects sequences, and Tarrog himself has great expectations for her performance after describing de Leon as an “instinctive actress.”

Star Cinema got the ball rolling for a new “Darna” movie back in 2018, with Erik Matti originally attached to direct. Creative differences between filmmaker and studio led to Matti leaving the project and for Jerrold Tarog to take his place, following the success of his “Artikulo Uno” Philippine historical films. No date has been given so far as to when the film will premiere.

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