Monday, January 20, 2020

New AMC “WALKING DEAD” SPINOFF Show Not Planned to Last "Forever"

For 16 years, Robert Kirkman’s zombie apocalypse comic book “The Walking Dead” has given fans of zombie survival horror and post-apocalyptic stories their fix from Image Comics. For about ten years and tem seasons, its television adaptation on AMC has delivered non-stop grim and dark tales of survival, societal building and the best and worst of the human condition. Such has been the staying power of the “Walking Dead” TV show that it got a companion series, web-episodes and after-show program. AMC even announced a new companion show to premiere this year, but unlike the long-winded main series, this one comes with an expiration date.

Comic Book Resources tells us that the soon-to-arrive new AMC “Walking Dead” spinoff series is not one to be shooting for the moon when it comes to lengthy TV runs. “The Walking Dead: World Beyond” was slated by the network to be comprised of only two seasons, each with 10 episodes. When they are through, that is it for “World Beyond,” a far cry from the longevity of the main show for which it serves as a sequel of sorts.

The decision to keep “World Beyond” short was spoken of by Sarah Barnett of AMC as an experiment on how to expand the “Walking Dead” franchise beyond just one show. “It is not imitating The Walking Dead either in substance or form - World Beyond is a two-season closed-ended series that will tell a very specific and distinct story,” says Barnett. “Scott Gimple, the chief content officer of this universe, and his team are planning other experiments in this space, including specials, digital short-form series and other innovations in form.”

“The Walking Dead: World Beyond” is said to take place a full decade after the start of the zombie apocalypse that its mother series focuses on. By this point, a new generation of children has grown up knowing only a world that is infested by carnivorous walkers, with human civilization divided into semi-independent settlement pockets of varying degrees of civility and order. This world is viewed by two young females serving as main characters, and will see the “Walking Dead” franchise try to tackle a fresh and unexpected “multi-generational” story. Scott Gimple serves as show-runner alongside Matthew Negrette. Initial cast members include Aliyah Royale, Alexa Mansour, Annet Mahendru, Nicolas Cantu, Hal Cumpston and Nico Tortorella, with a spring 2020 premiere.

AMC is also developing a “Walking Dead” movie in collaboration with Universal Pictures that will feature the primary character of Rick Grimes, portrayed by Andrew Lincoln on the TV series. No further information on the planned movies has been revealed.

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